How To Keep Your AC Unit Adding Up For A Beautiful Interior

Keeping a house designed beautifully is a nice thing to do, especially if you love a clean home which you can showcase anytime. That is why hiring an interior designer will help a lot to make a home looks stunning in the inside. However, there are some challenges in maintaining a gorgeous look for the interiors. One of the significant things inside a home is how to hide an air conditioner unit to keep up of the beautiful design of the house. Most people find it hard to cover their air conditioner unit at home as it is noticeably big and keep utilizing from time to time, so it sounds like an impossible mission. The good thing is, there are some ways that you can do to hide your air condition unit and even uplift the interior of your home. Let’s take a look at your air conditioner unit parts and see some brilliant ideas to hide each piece without compromising the function of the system.

Air conditioner Unit

First of all, what you should be looking at is your actual air conditioner unit. The air conditioner unit itself is bulky, and sometimes, old equipment has off design, which is not suitable for your interior facade. As much as possible, you want a sleek and properly working excellent unit. After winter, spring comes next, and this is the time that the air conditioner unit will be useful again until summer days. Since the air conditioner unit has been stagnant during winter, it should be brought to an air conditioner repair spring TX to see possible repairs or replacement. Before keeping a lovely interior with your air conditioner unit, make sure to know if it is still functioning well and up to date. Had it repaired as soon as you can or replace it with a new one? There are several types of air conditioner unit which seem to be a little bit hard to hide or to make it mixed up with the interior design, which one of these air conditioner units types below you have at your home, or planning to have. See the tips below on how to hide or beautify the air conditioner unit without affecting its performance.



  • A Split type air conditioner unit
  • A Window type air conditioner unit
  • A Portable air conditioner unit



These air conditioner unit types are hard to hide on both home and office space. The only thing you can do is to incorporate the unit to the design or theme of the interior. There are many ideas that you can do with your actual air conditioner unit, which is most of the times, noticeable. So, how to keep it low profile, see these excellent tips to get you started.


Decorative Hanging Wall or Wooden Shelves. Most homes have bare walls with a split type or a centralized air conditioner unit on it. Aside from being a boring bare wall, the air conditioner unit makes it looks more dull and ugly. So if you want a gorgeous wall set up where your air conditioner unit is placed upon, then have some decorating shelves. You can consult an interior designer to do this. Or you can also buy a ready-made bookshelf or a wooden cabinet to match your air conditioner unit. You can either place the shelf under the air conditioner unit or incorporated the air conditioner in the rack.


Breathable Wood Panels to Hide The Unit. There are wooden panels that can hide your air conditioner unit, make sure to buy breathable panels to prevent your air conditioner blocking its purpose. You can cover the system with breathable wood panels that can add up to your interior decoration. There are also wood panels that have some fancy design which will be more suitable if you have an artistic personality. You can also use other breathable panels made from different materials such as plastic and fiberglass, but the wooden elements are highly ideal. Wooden panels make the space cooler faster and give your air conditioner unit an elegant outlook. If you are really after your interior decoration, hiding your air conditioner into wood panels is the best thing to do. Whether you are using a split type air conditioner unit, a window type, or a portable one, then wood panels can hide the unit without people noticing it.


Painting or Decals Decoration. The last thing you may think of is painting your air conditioner unit or putting a decal on it. Well, it is as long as it mixed up well with your inside theme and furniture. Instead of a noticeable air conditioner unit, you can turn it into a piece of wall art which may uplift the mood of your home instantly. It sounds a perfect idea to keep a cozy interior if it is suitable to your tastes and preferences. You can paint the air conditioner unit with a solid color, or a texturized theme.

Electrical Wirings

Yes, you recently bought an electronic appliance or a gadget and the one thing that gives you a problem is its wirings. Well, it is a common problem not only with air conditioner units but to all other stuff that requires wirings. There are some things you can do to hide installations, here is an additional article that you can read on: 11 Ingenious Hacks For Hiding Ugly Wires In Plain Sight. In the meantime, you can hide the wirings of your air conditioner unit inside the walls. You can also use some binding clips to avoid it getting cluttered. There are fancy binding clips that you can choose from depending on your preferences and design style. Although, an air conditioner wire is usually short so it won’t bother you at all, but of course the sight can be a pain in your interior design. Many people are not comfortable seeing wires plugged in or hanging when not in use. Even it is small, and it can be painful with your interior design, especially if you have a modern theme at your space. So the best thing is to hide it inside the wall or have a shelf beside your air conditioner unit for the wirings. You can add up some decorations on the shelf or on the wire itself. There are creative ways to do it, such as painting the cables to match your interior theme or mount it into the walls looking like a maze; anything can be done with creative minds. Sometimes, keeping your cables neat can give you a headache. You can either hire an interior decoration professional or electrical personnel to help you get rid of that wire out of your sight. You can do it yourself too, try on and be creative in turning those boring wirings into something uplifting in your eyes.


Drains And Ducting

Both drains and ducting aren’t your problems when it comes to incorporating in your interior designing. However, it should be done neatly too, or it will yield problems to your walls and your home’s exterior. So to prevent trouble from coming in, make sure to consult an electric professional or an air conditioner service personnel with your drains and ducting system. Pipes are behind your air conditioner unit, and it will not bother you unless your wall doesn’t have a provision for a drainage system and will cause leakage on your walls. In case you have a portable air conditioner unit, the drain can be visible to your interior, so you need a professional to have it installed for you to keep the pipes from sight. Same things go with the ducting, it is on the exterior of your home, but it can be damaging too when it is not adequately placed outside. Avoid placing it in your home facade as it can be as ugly as it will look.

Final Recommendations To Keep Your Interiors Beautiful

Just like any other electronic devices, an air conditioner unit is a necessity to keep the home cold, especially during spring and summer times. However, it can be damaging to the interior of your home. The good thing is you can resolve this issue in a small time. Maintaining your interior design can be easy as long as everything will be in its rightful places. With an air conditioner unit, you can always put on your creative and fancy side so it can even add up to make your home beautiful both inside and outside. But of course, do not forget that your air conditioner unit must be well ventilated. As much as you want it to look perfectly fit in your interior decoration, never compromise its function and ventilation so its performance will not be affected. In case you need your air conditioner unit to be placed in another space, then make sure to keep these tips above so you won’t damage the interior design of your home. If you are planning to keep it as where it is located, then it would require just a small improvement to blend in with your gorgeous interior.