Sealing the Deal On Your Driveway

A cracking driveway can be an eyesore compared to your beautiful home. Guests can trip over it and hurt themselves if the chunks are uneven and you could blow a tire if you hit a chunk of concrete the wrong way. When you are considering replacing it, you might consider asphalt over concrete. While both options hold a great deal of merit, here are a few reasons why asphalt might work better for you in the long run.

Less Cost

Driveway and parking lot repair new bern nc can be considerably less expensive if you use asphalt instead of concrete. Asphalt is only a couple dollars per square foot to install while concrete can cost up to ten dollars per square foot. For a few dollars more, a brick or stone pattern can be stamped into the asphalt to add beauty to the exterior of your home. It is installed quickly and can be driven on in hours as opposed to days.

Climate Control

Asphalt holds up better in the northern states than concrete will. When it freezes, concrete can buckle and crack and ice melt can damage it. Concrete stays true to its form and flexes with the cold temps to look great past the winter months.

Lasts Longer

Although concrete has a longer life than asphalt, when it does crack apart it will need to be repaired before someone gets hurt or your vehicle is damaged. When asphalt chips or cracks, it can be quickly repaired by being patched and then sealed. If concrete is too far gone to be fixed, it will have to be torn up and begin from scratch. Instead of starting over, you can have your asphalt resurfaced to breathe new life into it. If you maintain it and keep it sealed, your asphalt driveway will last for years.