5 Best Affordable Residential Areas in Dubai To Live With Family

Dubai is not an easy place to find cheap accommodation with good facilities. Most of the chunk of people salaries goes to either pay the rent or loan installment. Because of its business-friendly policies attracts investors all around the world. When more and more people will come to the city then definitely prices of properties will go high. Real estate investors are putting so much money in the real estate Dubai sector that it is not an easy thing to find cheaper good quality residential properties.

But you don’t have to be despair, as there are so many affordable communities where you can live in dubai. You don’t have to empty your pockets to live in these societies as they are cheap yet provide good quality living standards. Here are some cheap places to rent a property in Dubai.

Deira Dubai

This is a favorite place to live for communities like South Asian countries. First of all, the accommodation is very cheap there and secondly, you can find all kinds of delicious food at a low price. The cost of living is minimal as people mostly live in a shared room or ger bed space. The average rent varies between 300Dhs to 3500Dh depending on the location in the area or kind of furnishing in the room. Studio rooms are expensive, but as people share bed space so it cost effective.

Low rent is not the only positive side of living in Deira, the best thing about is the sense of community you feel once you spend time there. You will see people eating all night from famous food restaurants and cafes. There is a lively and energetic environment that relishes your senses and gives you at home feeling. You can get a room in deira by contacting any reputable property management company in dubai.

International City

This is a very good option for anyone looking for a good community to rent a house. It is more luxurious and cleaner as compared to Deira. But on the other side, renting a property is more costly here. The normal room rent is between 3k to 4500k per month depending upon the kind of furnishing. If you choose to yearly plan then you can have to pay somewhere between 25k to 35kDhs. All in All, it is a nice and pleasant place to live with family.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai can be considered as the most moderate residential community in Dubai. This can be valid as one will just need to part with a month to month lease of somewhere in the range of Dh550 and Dh3, 000. Nonetheless, those trying to live in a studio condo would need to spend a yearly lease of between Dh42, 000 and Dh97, 000 for an outfitted studio and Dh3, 000 to Dh5, 000 for the empty studio. This would mean a month to month lease of between Dh 3, 500 and Dh 5, 000. The low leases in Bur Dubai could be ascribed to the way that the zone has fewer shopping centers just as other key frameworks.


Karama is situated in Deira which could be one reason why the spot has truly moderate rooms and condos. Living in Karama draws in a normal expense of Dh3, 700 month to month which would mean a yearly figure of between 45, 000 and Dh57, 000. A room in the territory pulls in as meager as Dh600 of your lease and a limit of Dh 4, 200. Living in Karama presents you a basketful of alternatives, for example, various bistros, eateries, basic supplies just as general stores. The individuals who wish to live in a two-room loft would need to pay a yearly lease of between Dh45, 000 and Dh70, 000 while those that desire to lease a three room condo would need to part with between Dh70, 000 and Dh90, 000 of their pay rates every year. You can get updated rent prices by contacting any good real estate management company in Dubai. As different agencies will give you different rates so better to get information before finalizing a deal.

Abu Hail

Do you wish to live in a two room loft or even a three-room condo however your financial condition stops you? Take a chill as Abu Hail is here to save you. So why Abu Hail? Abu Hail is a private town in Dubai that offers you bargains that you can’t forego. At a yearly normal of Dh50, 000, you are guaranteed of living in a two room condo without any trouble. Isn’t this a decent arrangement for your money? Likewise, in the event that you wish to live to live in a three-room condo at Abu Hail, you will just need to part with a yearly normal of Dh67, 500. The costs may, be that as it may, differ contingent upon the highlights of the loft you wish to lease.

Final Thoughts

Buying a real estate or renting is not difficult if you look for the right option. For every budget, you can get to find affordable rooms or an apartment. Real Estate in dubai has become very volatile in recent years and prices are touching skies. So in order to find affordable low-cost rooms and homes, one has to do some ground work. Real estate companies in dubai can be a good option to get the latest updates about rents. If you like the article, please share it. Thanks and happy renting!