Presenting Your For Sale Property in its Best Light

When you put a home or business property up for sale, some preparation is necessary in order to receive top dollar. Nobody wants to feel they are inheriting someone else’s dirt or disorder. Giving some attention to the areas buyers notice the most can hike up their interest and turn them into motivated buyers.

Clean and Deodorize

Musty curtains and stained carpets aren’t attractive and should get the best cleaning steam cleaning College Station has to offer. Washing walls and windows, and cleaning bathroom and kitchen fixtures until they sparkle is so important. Appliances should look as clean as when new even if they are a bit outdated.


A fresh coat of paint can be the best friend you have when it comes to making a space look new and updated, but do the knit-picky things first: wash walls, repair cracks and properly fill nail and screw holes. Choose light, neutral colors such as grey, taupe or ivory that can go with anything and carry the color you choose throughout the entire home or building. Finish ceilings and trims with a white for crisp clean edges.


Staging can accomplish two major goals: it can draw the eye away from flaws or highlight best features; and it can help a potential buyer envision their own belongings and see how they might fit in the space. Keep the style of furnishings and accessories cohesive throughout the home. Try to include a few mirrors as that has the subliminal effect of helping a potential buyer to see themselves in that space.

Curb Appeal

Don’t forget the front approach. Neatly trimmed plantings, a few flowers and a freshly painted front door say a lot about what lies beyond. Add some new shutters and updated porch lighting.

By taking the steps outlined above, you will increase the attractiveness of your property above others of similar price range and give yourself a leg up on the competition. Do the math, then do the work – you may be pleasantly rewarded.