Top Five Reasons to Hire Professional Removalists

Nobody is looking forward to the process of moving house. Even if you are desperately waiting to start your new life in another state or country, you still don’t want to go through the exhausting process of packing and placing all your items in separate boxes. 

The struggle doesn’t end here; transport is another thing you should take care off. Arranging your own transport is easy. You’ll catch a plane and arrive on your new address, but your entire old home doesn’t fit into a suitcase. 

If only, there was a magic trick to instantly transfer your belongings to your new house. There is something close to that -hiring a professional removalist. Professional movers take care of your moving process in a fast and efficient manner, freeing you from all the worries and obligations related to it. You can finally relax and mentally prepare yourself for the new chapter in your life. 

All you need to do is to look for Expert Removalists in the area where you live. If you still believe that you can pull this over with the help of your family and friends, read the following reasons which will convince you in the contrary. 

Having the right equipment and skills

Unlike you, professional removalists have different kinds of tools for assembling and dissembling your furniture and placing it in the moving vehicle. This vehicle can be a van or a truck depending on the size and quantity of the items. They know how to place the boxes and the pieces of furniture in the right way, to ensure safety. Not having the right equipment and knowledge can result in damaging some of your belongings or even worse injuring yourself while trying to do the heavy lifting. 

In addition, movers are equipped with packing and unpacking skills which not only save time, but also provide better protection of the items. These people know how to pack everything in a way that it reduces the risk of getting damaged or broken. They go to special trainings which make them qualified for this job. 


Another great advantage of hiring a removal company is that your things will be insured as these companies offer basic insurance on all items. However, if you own some extra fragile and valuable pieces and you are worried if they are going to survive the trip, you can pay more and upgrade your insurance. In this case if something happens to them during the trip, they will be replaced with new ones or you’ll get certain amount of money as compensation.

If an item is lost or broken during transport, the removal company is the one which contacts the insurance company, not you.  Removalists try to avoid these situations as much as possible in order to keep their reputation at a high level. Nobody would use their services if they are infamous for losing or breaking things in the moving process.

High efficiency

When you are organizing the moving process yourself, it’s usually prolonged more than necessary due to various reasons. If you are doing everything alone, it’ll take plenty of time. Also, calling your friends or family to help sometimes turns out to be more laughing and less packing. 

Prolonging the process doesn’t go in your favor, as you have a date to respect. You are usually given a time-span in which you are supposed to leave the old house and another time-frame in which you should move in the new home. If you don’t organize everything in a timely manner, you’ll end up paying rent for both places.

On the other hand, hiring professional removalists means being provided with a punctual service. These professionals devise a plan and stick to it. By using their special skills and techniques they’ll finish the job in no time. They also pick the best route to the new location of your home, which guarantees fast transport. 

Less stress and more time 

Planning the moving process on your own is time-consuming and stressful. You need to take care of numerous details, find good transport, and arrange help etc. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, where every piece needs to be in the right place to have a good final result. It requires your full attention and a lot of spare time, so you might need to take some days off or juggle both your work and moving obligations.

Removalists will help you to go through this process smoothly. They’ll take care of every detail, from packing to transportation and your job will be just to relax. They do everything by a fixed time schedule and respect each minute. You can continue with your normal everyday routine and really start looking forward to your new house and job. 

Saves you money

Perhaps it’s hard for you to believe that hiring professional movers can be less expensive than doing it yourself. If you take in consideration the overall picture of the process, this might be true. 

You have to buy a lot of packing materials and tools and hire a van or truck to transport your belongings. In addition, there is also a high possibility of losing or breaking some items as well as causing damage to the floor or furniture in the process of relocating them. These things cost money, but you don’t consider them when doing the initial calculation of costs.

Removal companies will charge you a fixed price which includes all of the expenses. The only additional cost would be the insurance which is advisable for you to pay. Some companies require their clients to at least pay for a basic insurance policy. 

Wrap up

If you are moving house and you want this process to be fast, stress-free, painless and cost-effective, then you should hire removalists. 

A team of professionals will be in charge of the complete organization while you go on with your everyday life and wait for the moving date to come. 

Don’t hesitate to hire one!