3 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

You can’t always tell when you look at your fireplace that you need chimney repair Washington DC. There are some signs you can look for, however. Remember, a chimney that’s in good shape is going to keep you and your home safe from fire hazards, so it’s important to learn about the most common damage that may occur and how to spot it.


1. Damaged Wallpaper


Have you noticed the wallpaper close to your chimney is damaged? If so, it could result from excess moisture. Regardless of the cause, moisture can wreak havoc in and around your home, and this is a situation you need to have repaired immediately.


2. Mortar Joint Damage


Sometimes, spotting this damage requires a rooftop vantage point. If there are damaged mortar joints between the masonry on the chimney, it’s an issue that can’t be ignored. This is one potential cause of the moisture problem mentioned above as well.


If water makes its way into the cracks in the masonry, they may become larger, especially because of the freezing and thawing cycle that happens as seasons change. If you don’t correct this problem by promptly calling trusted professionals for chimney repair, the entire chimney may collapse.


3. Shaling Flue Tiles


You may notice small or thin pieces of chimney tile accumulating in your fireplace if the liner is damaged. Shaling or cracked flue tiles indicate a more serious problem, and if the issue isn’t resolved, it can cause serious problems, including a house fire.


Your chimney’s flue lining must remain intact to use the fireplace safely. Determining if your flue liner is cracked may require a professional inspection.


It’s important to watch for signs of a problem to know when to call for chimney repair Washington DC. Calling the professionals for help can ensure a chimney remains in safe, working condition for years to come.