How to Prevent Simple Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can happen in a home without notice. When a slow leak occurs, the process of detecting and resolving the problem isn’t always easy. This is why you should strive to prevent simple gas leaks, and you can accomplish this by following a few practical steps.

Sweep Around a Stove Strategically

When dust builds up behind a stove, you must sweep the debris with care. If you push the broom against a weak gas line, you may start a low gas leak. Gas lines usually weaken over time after the housing on pipes degrades, which is why a simple impact can make gas seep through an old gas line. The best way to remove dust and debris that’s lodged behind a stove is by gliding a micro fiber mop on the floor. The static energy on the micro fiber will grab the dust and dirt as the mop glides over the floor, so you won’t have to push and pull the mop around pipes to cleanse the area.

Keep Pets Away From Gas Lines

During the winter, pets usually take naps and play around heaters that are connected to gas lines. If you let young puppies stay in your home, you must keep them away from these gas lines. When puppies brawl, they jump up and down on everything, so their weight can easily knock a gas line out of place.

Let a Professional Install New Gas Lines

Whenever you need to install new gas lines, you should let a professional tackle the job. Gas lines must be connected firmly so that gas won’t escape. Professional gas technicians always secure gas lines efficiently by using commercial-grade tools.

These strategies can help you prevent dangerous gas leaks. In order to ensure consistent results, you should get a professional inspection and gas line repair Corona CA on a regular basis.