Bedford Heights woman claims most electrical outlets in apartment have been out since March


BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) – A Bedford Heights resident said most of the electrical sockets and light switches in her apartment stopped working on March 29, and the power crunch problem has yet to be fixed.

Michelle Vaughn, who lives in the apartment, said, “I went in the kitchen and I was like hold on I don’t got no lights!”

So she called the 24-hour maintenance team.

“He came and he flipped the box, and unscrewed the box out the wall, and was like, ‘oh I don’t know what happened,’” explained Vaughn.

According to a letter sent to Vaughn on April 29 from apartment management, the electrical issues were due to maintenance that had been done on the roof, and they took $100 off her rent.

During the 19 News Troubleshooter team’s visit on Friday, Vaughan flipped switches in the hallway, both bathrooms, and both bedrooms.

Nothing turned on.

She even showed us her kitchen where she has one good outlet, where she rotates her appliances.

We did discover a couple of outlets in her living room that did work.

“You have 152 units in here and if I’m paying $930 – that’s a lot of money,” said Vaughn. “You have the money to hire somebody.”

A crew from EDEN Housing, a nonprofit that helps Vaughan pay her rent, also came out to check out the problem.

EDEN sent a letter to the apartment stating the electric issues needed to be fixed in 30 days, or they would withhold payment.

Almost 30 minutes after we arrived on Friday, a letter was placed on Vaughn’s front door.

It said an electrician would be there next week.

To be fair, we stopped by the leasing office to get its side of the story about the ongoing problem, and about the Monday promise.

Nobody was made available to meet with us.

However, a phone call from the apartment’s attorney, Lisa Friedman, was followed by an email:

“There are no civil claims pending relating to these issues. Our client’s records reflect that all maintenance records are up to date and that there are no outstanding requests for additional maintenance. My client will follow up with the tenant’s newly reported complaints and maintenance requests.”

Our team also reached out to the city of Bedford.

We spoke with the Mayor and the head of Housing.

They told us they were aware of the problem and could confirm that they had not been notified that it had been fixed.

However, they did know an electrician was working on the job.

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