Basic Design Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Master Bedroom

Creating a beautiful master bedroom that rivals those seen in the decorating magazines is easy if you know a few basic design ideas. Having a focal point for inspiration, adding interest to the walls and ceilings, and choosing enjoyable creature comforts will help you put together the bedroom of your dreams. Once you are finished, you will have a room to be proud of.

Find a Focal Point

It can be hard to pick colors that coordinate when decorating a bedroom. Picking out a focal point will help you stay organized and ensure that everything will look great together. A focal point can be a piece of wall art, handmade Persian rugs, or even a printed comforter. As you shop for items to use in the room, make sure that they match the colors and style of your focal point.

Add Architectural Interest

Most bedrooms start out as very plain spaces. By adding architectural interest to the room, you will be creating a much more attractive area. Consider using crown molding along the ceiling. Place a chair rail around the room with wainscoting underneath. Even new trim around the doors and windows will help elevate the entire space. Finish up with decorative outlet covers and switch plates.

Don’t Forget the Comfort Items

Add comfort in a variety of ways. This is a room that is meant to be relaxing. Add a chair to the space with a throw draped over the back. Place throw pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes on the bed. A quilt folded across the foot of the bed is perfect for napping, using on chilly evenings, and adds a certain charm to the entire room.

Use this information to help you get started when redecorating your own master bedroom. The focal point will keep you organized, the addition of architectural pieces will make the area more interesting, and simple comforts will allow you to enjoy this space to its fullest.