4 important things to consider when replacing your roof

The roof undoubtedly plays a crucial role in your house. You need quality Roofing Hamilton to protect your home. However, with time, the roof becomes old or even damaged. It begins to leak or look worn out. Constantly repairing the roof can be a little expensive. In such a situation, it is best to opt for a roofing replacement. When you are planning to undertake roof replacement, you need to opt for a roofing company with years of experience under their hat. When you opt for an experienced company, you can be at ease about roof replacement procedures. If you are still unsure whether your roofing needs replacement, here are some factors that will help you make the right decision.

Roof Damaged by Wind

The damage which is done by wind is usually hard to notice. In many cases, the destruction caused by the wind happens in sections, and it is not visible from the ground. To check wind damage, you need to climb up on the roof to find the shingles are still in place or have been moved by the wind. If the shingles have moved or the nails have become loose, then you need to replace the roofing.

Loss of Granules

As the roof becomes older, it starts to lose granules. When you have a new roof, then granules should be intact without any patches on them. There should be no presence of granules in the gutters. However, the water-resistance of the roof is not impacted by the loss of granules. The granules are present to protect the shingles from damage by the UV rays. The number of granules left, and the age of the roof play a determining role.

Presence of Moss

Roofs need to be exposed to sunlight. Otherwise, they become the perfect place for moss to grow. Irrespective of whether the roof is new or old, the algae will grow if the conditions are suitable. Though algae growth doesn’t cause structural damage in the longer run, it can cause water damage to the shingles. The problem could get a bit out of hand during winters as the freezing temperatures can pave the way for the moisture to destroy the granules. These granules are the ones that protect the asphalt in the shingles. Hence, if the moss has been left on the surface of the roof for a long time, it can cause roof leaks which would eventually lead to you undertaking roof replacement.

Reach out to the experts when in doubt

It is always best to hire experts to carry out a time-to-time inspection of your roof. This can help maintain your roof’s health and even repair the damage before it becomes a menace. When it comes to roofing matters, it is always a great decision to entrust all the work to those who are experienced. They will guide you through the process of repairs or replacement and help you make an informed decision about the same.