When it’s Time to Update

Have you ever become violently aware of just how outdated your home is? For example, as you lie in bed and gaze around your shabby chic bedroom set, you might suddenly realize that you bought it in 1997 — and that it’s looking more shabby than chic these days. Looks like it’s time to start making changes in your decor!

Color Swap

The first step to making your home feel fresh again is getting a new color on the walls. Sure, the dark Tuscan brown might have been in style fifteen years ago, but today it makes your kitchen feel like a cave.

  • If you’re not sure what color combination works well together, check out an online color swatch generator. These are fun little widgets that can help you pick accent colors that flow.
  • Check to see what’s trending in decor colors if you want to be fashion-forward. Remember that trends come and go, so be wary of being on top of it every second of the day.

Replace Furniture — Slowly

Unless you feel like dropping a lot of money all at once, it’s best to pace yourself when you’re buying new furniture for your home. Look at all your pieces and decide what is in the worst shape and needs replacing most urgently.

  • If you inherited your sofa from your mother (who bought it in 1984), it’s probably time for a new one. Your furniture needs to be brought to this millennium, so pick old, worn-out pieces and replace those first (so long as they are not cherished antiques).
  • Your mattress is an essential piece of furniture because it determines your overall quality of sleep. If yours is old, creaky, uncomfortable and an overall annoyance, get rid of it.

Bringing your home into the 21st century doesn’t need to be done all at once. As you start to make changes, start small. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was home!