Top Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With the focus on lowering the individual footprint within the world, many homeowners are beginning to update their home to include more energy efficient ideas. As millions of people around the world make small changes, the impact on planet Earth would be staggering. To help you come up with some ideas, check out the list below.

1. Showerheads

Showers are one of the largest uses of water inside the home. By installing a showerhead that is low-flow, you can cut your shower water in half – and that is a huge savings over a year.

2. Thermostats

Most people leave their homes for hours at a time and forget to turn the thermostat down. Why heat a home when no one is there? You should also consider turning the heat down at night when you are under your blankets.

3. Windows

Windows are one of the leading factors of poor home heating and cooling. Call for a home window replacement Irving TX consultation to see about the feasibility of redoing your old windows. You can save over 10 percent in heating or cooling costs a year when you install new windows.

4. Water

Running water in your kitchen sink to heat it before filling a pan is a waste. So is running water while shaving or brushing your teeth. By cutting back on wasting water, homeowners can save more than $150 a year.

5. Electricity

The new tech world has brought amazing toys into your home, but if you leave the items plugged in when not in use, you may be paying for energy vampire units that may be responsible for more than 10 percent of your total energy bill.

Making these simply eco-friendly changes can be an easy way to remove part of your environmental footprint. Changes don’t have to be huge or cost thousands of dollars to have a positive impact on the planet.