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real estateIn studying network marketing, i.e. multi-level advertising and marketing (Mlm) for two years, particularly by studying a scam that claims to be Mlm, but also a lot of peripheral study, I have came to the conclusion that Multilevel marketing company model is fundamentally flawed, and as a result, can be a Really Dangerous business to participate in, if you do not go in with all the information. My son’s girlfriend has also just quit her job as an estate agents due to the highly pressurised targets. Although real estate is a excellent market to invest in, the most effective folks in this company have a long term mindset. I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my real estate experiences, and I appreciate your kind assessment of my expertise. I have been a real estate agent/realtor in the US for 20+ years and there are a lot of in the company who consider absolutely nothing about hurting their customers for their personal profit. There are also a number of courses you can take in addition to needed real estate courses that will assist you prepare for the exam. You are absolutely right in saying that real estate agents have no love of sellers.

The author here chose to target real estate agents, granted herself a certain amount of authority and absolutely gave the impression that the practices described were the rule rather than the exception. Thankfully there had been other possibilities to entering the real estate market that did not call for spending even far more funds (classes aren’t low cost) and that would permit me to be in the field I was licensed in. Fortunately, I stumbled across a way to use my real estate license (after all it was paid for) and immediately began a career in apartment locating. The variety of agent you are speaking about does not final extended in real estate or any business.

If you’re serious about Real Estate and making this your career path, then DO NOT GIVE UP. No a single likes failing, as a current college graduate I thought it would be easy since I had been taking exams for 4 years. You are right in that it is not mandatory to use an agent no matter whether acquiring or promoting, but it definitely tends to make sense to do so. Particularly if it is their single most largest monetary commitment. I am actually sorry to hear that you have had a poor knowledge with a real estate agent. You ought to not be overly impressed with the Agent that has sold 50 properties in the last year, or so dismissive of the Agent that has sold none. In the course of my brief time as a realtor, I discovered that the field of real estate was quite intriguing, challenging, and frustrating.

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