Top 5 Interior Designers In the UK

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Decorating the interior of a home is as difficult as finding a company that understands your idea and gives it a real picture. People make a list of options available and go through a lot of company reviews and then reach a final decision to choose a decorator service for them. Over time as everything changed, the ideas of decorating the houses have also changed many times. People who belong to various cultures and different regions have different choices of colours and products to decorate their homes.

Interior designing of a home reflects individual choices and various aspects of the owner’s personality. Similarly, not everyone can decorate and design their home’s interior. For this purpose, people avail services from people who specialize in decoration and interior design. We will provide you with details about top interior designers in the UK.

Top Interior Designers in the UK

Here are our top 5 interior designers that you can contact for decorating your interiors.

1.  1508 London

1508 London is a famous interior designing brand that was established in 2010. Their headquarter is located in London, UK. They have their other physical offices located in  Dubai, São Paulo, and Hong Kong. Their company has 80 members that are experts in interior designing. They provide services like interior design, architecture, and technical design. They promise to provide sophisticated design on a superior level.

2.  Adam Bray

Adam Bray is another London based interior designer that was founded in 1995. The brand provides services related to commercial and residential interior design projects. Not only interior designing, but it also offers consultancy and dealing in antiques. The team of 6 members is motivated to provide the customers best design by making crisp gloss finishes and using rare textiles. The brand also deals online internationally.

3.  K&H Design

K&H design, a London-based interior designer company, was founded by Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson in 2015. The company currently has a total of 7 members. It provides decorating services from its office in London and worldwide through the website. It offers various designing services like space planning, interior architecture, interior decoration, bespoke furniture commissions, art and antique sourcing, and accessorizing.

4.  Nina Campbell

A design studio, named after the founder Nina Campbell, is based in London, UK. The design studio was created in 1984. The brand provides its services throughout the world. The website contains a lot of looks of different colour combinations and materials, which makes it easier for the customers to find according to their choice. Besides this, there are various categories of readymade decorating products, including fabrics, accessories, and furniture.

5.  Room Lab

Room Lab is an interior design studio based in London; the UK was opened in 2017 by founder Suzann Bozorgi. It follows a simple procedure to deal with customers in 6 easy steps. The manufacturing quality of decoration items is sustainable, according to the company. It offers various price packages depending upon the area to be decorated.


An interior designer must be experienced and know how to understand the choices of the customer. A good designer always values customers’ opinions and works in a collaborative environment. By going through our top 5 interior designers, you will surely get a designer of your choice.