Tips to Find an Apartment Before Moving to a Bangalore

If you’re set to move to Bangalore, finding an apartment can be a little difficult. Not only is it hard to choose an apartment, but it can also be tough to know which location will fit your needs until you’ve lived in the city for awhile. And the last thing you want is to move into a new apartment isn’t really what you’re looking for.
These are some tips and guidelines for finding an apartment in a Bangalore:
Start by Researching Location
The first step is to do your best to determine which location will be most ideal for you. Whether you need a location from where you can travel easily to and from your job, one that’s affordable, or you’re simply looking for an area that suits you, you can discover a lot about location by going online.

Ask Your colleague
If you’re struggling to find location or apartments that work for you, and you’re moving for a job, you may want to talk to your colleague for a little assistance.
They’ll at least be able to help you figure out some locations that will be easily accessible from the office, and it’s possible they’ll be able to connect you with local apartment agents that you’ll find helpful.

Decide What You Want
After getting a better understanding of the n location best suited to your lifestyle, you have to prioritize your apartment wish list. First decide what type of apartment you’re looking for like 1BHK, 2 BHK.
Make a list of amenities you wish to have in your dream house like gym, swimming pool, sports area etc., and also make a separate list to additional features like parking, door man, security etc., Knowing what you want will make narrowing down the hundreds of online listings that much easier.

Go Online:
You can find plenty of apartments on internet, u can go through the reviews and decide which apartment meets your requirements (you’ll be able to search by area, type of apartment, price and amenities).
You can also use online apartment hunting sites to get listings and get a better idea about current prices of the apartment

Don’t Sign Before Seeing
Whether you asked your friends, saw reviews or saw so many picture sent by landlord or building manger, it’s a good practice not to sign before seeing the place. Ask your landlord if it’s OK to wait for sign until you’ve seen the place with your own eyes. If that’s not possible, see if they’ll negotiate a clause in the agreement that says you’re allowed to back out specific amount of time if the apartment isn’t what they’ve advertised. It’s a great way to protect yourself from ford and feel secure with your decision.
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