Three Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

The winter months are coming. Soon you will find the outdoors to be a magical winter wonderland as the snow blankets the land. As pretty as it is to look at, these cold temperatures, ice, and snow can leave you feeling unbearably cold and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are three easy ways to warm up your home this winter.

Insulate the Walls

Don’t assume that your house has the necessary insulation to keep you warm. If you are living in an older home the insulation could have deteriorated or never have been installed in the first place. After checking all exterior walls, make plans to insulate areas that need it. You can use traditional rolls of insulation or use spray insulation in Pittsburgh houses.

Eliminate Drafty Windows

Ideally, it would be nice to replace all of your windows with new ones that take advantage of multiple panes to keep the cold air out. Unfortunately, a big home improvement project such as window replacement may not fit your budget right now. Don’t worry. Outfitting your windows with heavy drapes can do wonders when it comes to stopping drafts.

Make a Switch

You probably don’t think about your home decor when trying to stay warm, but there are several items you can switch out as the winter months approach that will help keep you toasty warm. Change summer bedding for flannel sheets and thick comforters. Add large throws to the sofa and chairs that can be used to hold in body heat. Even opting for darker colors in a room will make it seem warmer.

Once you have taken the time to insulate your home’s walls, found ways to eliminate drafts around the windows, and switched out some of the home decor in favor of warmer options, you will be able to enjoy the coming winter months. As the snow falls, you will be comfortable and happy inside of the oasis you created for you and your family.