Things to Look for When Buying Aluminium Window Frames

Since they were first introduced to the house-building scene aluminium windows have come a long way in their quality and build. The material is coming back into style with more and more architects choosing these over move conventional window materials such as timber. Aluminium windows can more recently be seen on new-build properties and are now more commonly known for their robustness and long-lasting qualities. They allow architects to build larger windows and doors, with some striking designs, allowing natural light to flood into your home. However, they are also a good alternative when looking to replace frames.

The thin framing of aluminium windows is light and strong and on many occasions you wouldn’t notice it was there. Aluminium frames can also be free from maintenance and are built to last, however they have been known to feature poor thermal resistance. This has been improved over the years as they have become a more popular option and manufacturers have made significant enhancements. Many manufacturers now add an insulated layer on the interior frames to overcome this issue. Aluminium frames are a good replacement for timber as they tend to be cheaper, saving you money from the outset and for years to come. It’s important to compare prices from different suppliers like for like and look at the quality of locks and lead in time and not just look for the cheapest. Good aluminium windows should look perfectly smooth and be well-finished, with any joints being flush to ensure they are fitted correctly.

The quality of aluminium windows means that they a guaranteed for not just years like other materials, but for decades. They also have a weather resistant surface – important to withstand the ever-changing great British weather. They are highly durable and corrosion-resistant. You can have peace of mind of your home remaining secure and safe when installing aluminium windows as they are robust and are a better option than uPVC or sash and case, for example. For those that are keen on protecting the environment, aluminium can be recycled so it is a better option over more traditional uPVC.

Renowned for its build quality, aluminium frames have fantastic strength which means less is needed to hold the glass in place, in turn also cutting down on costs. This also means that larger glass panels can be put in place removing the need for bulky frame supports. Aluminium is a highly stable material and will mean doors or windows will be less likely to jam or become stiff as the material doesn’t expand and contract in fluctuating temperatures unlike some other materials. Aesthetically, aluminium frames can look impressive and striking in a property, but likewise it is possible to also allow them to less distinctive too depending on you desired look.

As a robust, strong material aluminium can help to provide you with the look your desire for your home – whether that’s designing a new build or replacing older frames. If you’re looking for a maintenance free, cost-effective material which will last for decades and won’t rust or corrode and one which is environmentally friendly, then aluminium window frames are for you.