The Florida Real Estate Market Has Seen An Increase In Canadian Property Buyers

Canadians are now very keen about the Florida real estate market as they are driven to buy homes and condominiums within the beautiful Sunshine State. It seems that their motivation lies in the fact that their dollar is quite strong, there are several affordable deals being offered on the property market, and the climate within the region is ideal in contrast to the extremely cold winters of Canada.

Florida is called the Sunshine State because it is one of the sunniest locations within the United States today. Its location along the Atlantic coasts makes it home to many world-class beaches which are visited and loved by people from all around the globe, especially during cold winter months.

Now that the economy in Canada is doing quite well, Canadians are definitely in an excellent position to buy real estate, especially now that property prices seem to be taking on an upward tick of appreciation which means profitability for those whose plans to buy real estate involves a relative degree of investment potential.

Within the United States, an estimated 24 percent of all international property buyers are from Canada which means that the largest share belongs to them.

International property buyers have been responsible for as much as 19 percent of all home sales within Florida from the period of July 2011 to June 2012. Over that time, international property buyers spent at least $10.7 billion on Florida real estate out of the $58 billion spent within different locations across the United States.

Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Miami are among the prime locations which Canadians seem to be genuinely interested in as far as their range of options on the Florida real estate market is concerned. However, Miami does hold the highest rank because of the great quality of living which the region is known to offer to people from all over the world, especially with its cultural diversity and fabulous selection of communities which are perfect for the many different types of people who choose to buy real estate within the state.

As far as the actual property types being sold on the property market, Canadians are given an amazing selection to choose from which include single-family homes, luxury villas, high-rise condominiums, luxury apartments, and many more.

If you would like to learn more about the available options that are currently offered on the Florida real estate market, you are encouraged to contact a professional agent that can provide you with more information regarding all of your available options.

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