The Building Blocks of Penis Exercises – Increase Your Penis Size by 2-3 Inches!

Lots of guys would really like to increase their penis size by 2-3 inches and it is great that they have this desire. But having the desire is really not enough and it is crucial to understand the building blocks of penis exercises. Sadly most guys simply don`t bother with this because it is too boring and takes to much effort. It is impossible to get results with something, if you don`t understand the basics.

When a person exercises their muscles, they lift weights and over time the muscles get stringer and bigger. This concept is also true with penis exercises. Although with penis exercises no weights are needed. Results are achieved in 2 ways: stretching and expanding!

Stretching exercises

In order for the penis to grow in any way, some sort of stimulus needs to be applied to it. Stretching exercises require you to pull the penis gently and they are known as length exercises mostly because they help to obtain length effectively.

There are lots of different programs available but in general. during the first 5 weeks or so, you are going to focus on basic stretching exercises. This basic stretching exercises will give your penis a proper workout and prepare it for more advanced exercises ahead. As you get more familiar with stretching exercises and as you progress further, you will incorporate more advanced exercises to your routine.

Expansion exercises

Expansion exercises are more known as exercises for the girth because they use squeezes, grips and various other methods to obtain girth. Certain expansion exercises such jelqs work on length as well. With jelqing exercises you push the blood throughout the penis. During the first 5 weeks or so, the jelq is the only expansion exercise used. Again it is important to start off slowly and to condition the penis first, not to start doing advanced exercises right away!

The Routines

The first task for everyone is to learn the exercises. You can not move on to exercise routines unless you have mastered the penis exercises first. After learning the exercises, you can put them together to a effective workout routine, because the exercises by themselves are not very effective.

Basic routines mainly include only 3 fundamental exercises such as the jelq, basic stretch and kegel. How often you exercise your penis is open really. Some penises need to more stimulus to grow, while other need very little. Some men exercise their penis once every few days, while others exercise many days in a row.

To make the penis grow, a person will most likely have to exercise the penis 3 days per week for about 15 minutes a day (which increases overtime). Since every person is different, a workout program has to be tailor made for the person. You can not just pick a random program and make it work. There are lots of details which need to be taken into account! It is much easier to get results with a program that is specially made for you and the better programs can make it happen!

But besides the penis exercises themselves, exercising the penis is not very much different from any other type of exercise. In any kind of exercise, there are certain principles you need to follow to get results. These basic principles also apply to penis enlargement.

The main thing is to follow these principles in order to make gains. It is not unheard of to gain 2 inches in length and maybe even 3 inches in length, it has been done. It all depends how much desire you have. Some people might train in the gym just to lose some fat, build a bit of muscle and just look fit, while others want to compete in a bodybuilding competition. You can make huge gains but very often it is not necessary or realistic!

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