Team Building Parties

Working with people everyday you have a sense of who they are and what they stand for, but do you trust them? Are you friends with them? Can you talk to them? If you are working in a place with lots of employees chances are you don’t know them all and that is where team building comes in.

Team building can improve communication and morale among workers. It can motivate people, up productivity and let people get to know each other without actual work getting in the way. It is also a great way to learn the strengths and weaknesses of people that you work with and let them see the same about you. It’s no wonder then, that team building parties are getting more attention.

There are various activities that you can do at a team building. They center around communication, problem solving, decision making, trust building and adaptability and planning issues, and either all or some can be addressed at each party that you host.

Perhaps the easiest ‘games’ are those surrounding communication as you simply get your large group into smaller groups and have them ask each other questions in order to guess a ‘lie’ or ‘untruth’ about each person. This is in a three things format, two of the things being a truth about each person, the other a fib.

Getting people to work together is always a great thing in team building. One game involves writing all of the team’s names on separate envelopes or pieces of paper and then scattering them throughout the party area. Teams then go and try to find their own name and take it back to a board where they tape it under the correct team. What if they find a teammates name? Do they tell them, do they take it to the board, do they work together to further hide the opponent’s names?

Another idea is to have a picture that you can cut into tiny squares. Each participant gets a square and has to recreate it on a larger paper. Once everyone is done you have a giant puzzle that has to be put together, they work together to make it look like the original picture and problem solve as to which piece goes where in the finished work.

Team building can be a lot of fun and brings people who otherwise don’t know each other together in a positive way.

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