Steel Building Prices

Steel buildings are a new trend in the construction industry. Different parts of these buildings are manufactured in a factory. Steel is the raw material used to make the skeleton of the building. Advantages of steel buildings are low building cost, durability and less time consumption. Steel building prices depend on the price of steel at the given time. Horse riding field, residential and office buildings, barns, garages, aircraft hangers, warehouses and industrial buildings can be constructed out of steel.

Steel building prices range from $6 to $20 per sq ft for standard size buildings. This price may include building materials, transportation, foundation and construction, depending on the terms and conditions of contractors. You can calculate the estimated building price during the pre-planning of the project. Depending on the building area, the price varies to a great extent. Standard steel building prices do not include extra features that are very expensive and optional. Color roof sheeting prices range from $175 to $1300 according to the size of the building. To enrich roof and wall insulation, around $795 to $5000 are to be spent with respect to the area of the building.

Steel building prices to include gutters and downspouts range from $375 to $1000. An average of about $500 is needed to add a 3×7 walk door with framed opening, metal door, lock and other accessories. For overseas delivery shipping charges are also counted. Double pane glass for windows and insulated doors are expensive, but increases the security and beauty of the building. Steel building prices hike to $40 per sq ft for complex designing with exterior brick finishing. Labour costs for steel building construction are charged hourly. As the complexity increases, a simultaneous increase in the labour cost also occurs. General contractors include foundation costs in their proposals but brokers and manufacturers do not bear the expense. Normally $4 to $8 per sq ft is charged for a concrete foundation. The bidding of steel buildings helps customers to select the best at low rates.

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