MUNCIE, Ind. — A search for any sign of a Muncie woman who went missing seven years ago continued Thursday at a home near Yorktown.

Delaware County sheriff’s deputies, with assistance from FBI agents, began their search — at a property along Delaware County Road 725-W, between Division and River roads — on Wednesday morning.

Those efforts ended as darkness approached late in the afternoon, but resumed Thursday morning,

Ashley Morris Mullis was the 27-year-old mother of three young children when last seen by friends and family members in September 2013.

The property being searched this week was owned in 2013 by a man later investigated for possible involvement in Mullis’ disappearance. He has since died.

Jeff Stanley, chief deputy of the Delaware County sheriff’s department, said Thursday’s search efforts continued until late afternoon, and would resume on Friday. To this point, no human remains have been found. 

On Wednesday evening, a small excavator was visible in a wooded area north of the two-story brick home.

Stanley said investigators planned digging at a “couple of places of interest.”

A search warrant detailing the events that led to this week’s search for now is sealed from public view, Chief Deputy Prosecutor Zach Craig said Thursday.

Stanley said that warrant included an affidavit that was “very extensive and included information obtained throughout the past several years.”

“We will continue to follow up on any leads and will work diligently until we find answers,” he said.

Some friends and family members of Mullis on Wednesday watched the search efforts, from a considerable distance away along River Road.

The missing woman’s father, Don Morris, for seven years has led efforts to find his daughter. He said Wednesday he did not have details of the information that led to this week’s search.

On Thursday afternoon, Morris was watching the activity at the property from a location along Division Road.

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