Review of Carlyle Home Office Furniture by Signature

The Carlyle home office furniture range is manufacture by Signature Furniture, and enables you to furnish your home office with a distinguished range of high end office desks, cabinets and chairs. The Carlyle range is aimed at those professionals who work from home, and whose offices are intrinsically separate from the living areas of their house. The range is intended for a significantly-sized working office and not simply a room used for a computer.

Carlyle Home Office Desks

Signature Furniture offers a selection of home office desks in their Carlyle range, ranging from a leg desk with a single drawer to one with six drawers and under-top storage for a keyboard that can be pulled out when needed. When choosing Signature desks you can decide whether a single desk is good for you, or whether you want more functionality and storage.

In the latter case, you can put together a few items such as a plain leg desk with one or two drawers running out from a credenza fitted with 6 drawers, a cupboard suitable for filing and under-table storage space for boxes or a laptop when not in use. The Carlyle home office system is designed to enable integration of the various components available.

The credenza is 60 inches wide, and the table running perpendicular to it would be of the same width, and 28 inches deep. All desks and credenzas in the Carlyle home office furniture collection are 30 inches high so there are no problems with regard to individual items leveling up to each other.

Signature Furniture Office Chairs

You will require a chair to go with your desk, and whenever possible you should purchase a chair designed to match the desk you are using – whether that is a single desk or a combo of desk and credenza.

The Carlyle home office armchair is ideal. It offers two arms for comfort and support, and takes up just 27 inches in width and depth. The swivel seat height is nominally 38 inches, but is adjustable and you will feel completely at ease working from this chair. It has a stylish look, while fitting in with the design of solid wood home office furniture.

Home Office Cabinets


There are many different types of office cabinets in the Carlyle range that are suitable fopr your home, the secretary (or secretaire) being a particularly imposing item. You can use this as a temporary desk with the hinged front pulled down, and the two drawers and large cupboards offer sufficient storage space for all your secretarial and accountancy needs, such as tax receipts and official documentation. It is always wise to keep these official documents and records away from your general business paperwork.


Bookcases are usually a must in any working office, and are also an essential part of home office furniture. The Signature Carlyle range offers a choice of bookcases from a small 31 inch high two-shelf bookcase to a large 75 inch bookcase fitted with four shelves and two cupboards beneath them. The Carlyle bookcases are all 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep – suitable for the vast majority of books.

TV Stands

You can also choose from a number of TV stands in the range. Why should you not be able to view news items or confidential recordings on your office TV? There are three TV stands in the range, varying in width from 42 to 60 inches for TV screens of the same sizes or lower. Each has four cupboards and two spaces beneath the top for boxes and other items. These units are very well constructed items of solid wood furniture available in a choice of finishes.

Occasional Tables

The Carlyle range by Signature includes small tables and desks suitable for occasional use. They can be used for flower vases, candles or reed diffusers to offer color or fragrance to your office space. They can also be used to hold your Newton’s cradle or other favorite executive toy! The corner table measures 28 wide x 30 high x 22 deep (all inches) and the smallest desk measures 48 x 30 x 28 inches. These can make the difference between an austere and a homely office simply by adding some color and natural fragrance to the room.

The Carlyle home office furniture collection by Signature Furniture offers all you need to furnish a traditional style of office in your home, while also providing the degree of choice essential for you to be able to make best use of your office space. If you work from home full time, you will find this collection ideal. It provides high quality executive grade furniture at domestic office prices.

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