Plan Ahead for New Home Construction

Location, Location, Location

New home construction is an exciting adventure that many people dream about for years. There are a myriad of details to be considered before you get started. One choice you will have to make is the actual location. You will need to think through several questions like these before making a final determination about location.

* Do I prefer a small neighborhood lot or large acreage home site?
* Would I like a neighborhood HOA with architectural oversight or an unrestricted community?
* What is the maximum distance that I want to drive to work, school, or other regular events?
* Have I checked the property taxes in my preferred location?
* What school district zone covers my preferred location?
* Is the area a family friendly neighborhood and is that desirable?
* What is the distance to the nearest hospital, shopping, or nightlife venues?

Dreams Can Come True

You have selected a location, and now you are ready to make your dreams come true. The first step is to choose your house plan. Will you order a ready-made plan from a design magazine? It could be that you want to hire an architectural firm to draw every detail just like you have pictured in your mind.

New home construction is the biggest purchase that most people make. This is no time to take short-cuts on your dream. Make a list of the non-negotiable features that you cannot live without. This list will come in handy if your plan costs begin to exceed your budget. These questions may help you get started with such a list.

* Do I really need a family room and a game room?
* Is a three car garage a necessity or a preference?
* Can I come back later and upgrade the appliances or countertops?
* Do I require additional living space for aging parents?

It is often helpful to ask your builder about the versatility of certain house plans. A good home builder can give valuable input to help you choose the best plan to accommodate all of your needs.

Select the Right Builder

Selecting the right builder is absolutely essential in your new home construction process. An excellent builder will come to the table with a wealth of practical knowledge, and save you a lot of headache in the process.

There are many national home building companies that will build your home. These companies will usually offer several different house plans for you to choose inside a master planned community. This could be a great option if you like the neighborhood amenities and are content with accepting the floor plan as shown. Some builders will allow you to choose certain design elements, like paint color and carpet, to give a small degree of personal expression.

Consider a custom home builder for the greatest amount of design flexibility. These builders specialize in new home construction and will work with local architects to create your dream home.

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