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United States of America – Bureau Of Labor Statistics released it’s April Payroll Data today. Economic signals show strong signs of industrial strength with Manufacturing, Transportation and Warehousing showing some of the strongest gains.



  • In April 2022, manufacturing created 55,000 jobs. Durable goods employment increased by 31,000, including increases in transportation equipment (+14,000) and machinery (+7,000). Food manufacturing (+8,000) and plastics and rubber products (+6,000) both generated 24,000 jobs in nondurable goods.
  • In April 2022, employment in transportation and warehousing increased by 52,000. Within the industry, warehousing and storage (+17,000 jobs), couriers and messengers (+15,000 jobs), truck transportation (+13,000 jobs), and air transportation (+4,000 jobs) also saw increases. Transportation and warehousing employment is up 674,000 from February 2020, because to high gains in warehousing and storage (+467,000) and couriers and messengers (+259,000).
  • In April, employment in professional and business services continued to trend up (+41,000). Since February 2020, employment in the industry is up by 738,000.
  • In April 2022 Employment in the wholesale trade increased by 22,000 in April.
  • In April 2022, mining gained 9,000 jobs, with oil and gas extraction (+5,000). Mining employment has increased by 73,000 since its low in February 2021.


Surprisingly Construction payrolls showed little growth for a busy season and also payroll hours worked were stagnant. Pipeline of products, inventories and trucking along with the payrolls from professionals adding to architectural, engineering and designers show that the pipelines are moving strongly along with stacking employment. Inventories are being built up and trucking logistics have improved incredibly. Stagnation coming from the construction industry and developers could lead to future bottle necks and further supply chain issues.

In April 2022, the average workweek for all private nonfarm payroll employees remained at 34.6 hours. The average workweek for all employees in manufacturing declined by 0.2 hour to 40.5 hours, and overtime remained at 3.4 hours. On private nonfarm payrolls, the average workweek for production and nonsupervisory employees remained steady at 34.1 hours.

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