Opportunities Offered By Corporate Accommodation

Life in an apartment is often made easy with corporate accommodation. Maid service, concierge services, cable TV, bathroom stocked with essentials (i.e. shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, strategically placed towels, etc.) and an ironing board are some of the things you get. Corporate accommodation is a fast-growing market that is proving comfortable for employees and cost-effective for companies. Therefore, if you are on an assignment for several days or months, living in a hotel may not offer comfort and flexibility that is equivalent to what corporate home services offer. The opportunities offered by corporate housing include:

· Housing options

Corporate home services offer temporary housing in apartments, condominiums, townhouses and single-family homes. They are designed to cater for the needs of individuals or employees who need long-term housing as a result of a temporary (but lengthy) relocation for an assignment or a disaster. Therefore, if you will be away from home for more than 20 days, it is advisable to consider this opportunity. These temporary housing allows business owners to occasionally bring along their families on assignments

· Competitive pricing

The cost of a fully furnished accommodation is typically 30% to 50% less when compared with cost of a hotel room. These facilities are designed to offer a home-like environment, utilities (e.g. telephone, electricity, gas and cable TV) and high-tech options like fax modems, multiple-line telephones and printers, at competitive pricing. Furthermore, the potential saving of opting for corporate accommodation verses an apartment are obvious. When you are an apartment dweller you need to cater for various charges, including: a move-in deposit, monthly electricity bill, electricity deposit, monthly rent, monthly phone bill, telephone service deposit, monthly furniture rental (if applicable), furniture rental deposit (if applicable), monthly house-wares rentals, house-wares deposit, cable deposit/installation and monthly cable-TV fee. Corporate accommodation, however, charge companies a single monthly fee that is based on the package selected.

· Stress-free relocation

Employers have discovered corporate accommodation ease the stress associated with relocation or business travel. According to research findings, companies witness increased productivity by reducing employee stress levels by providing them with facilities that resemble normal living situations. Furthermore, commuting to work is reduced and recreational & entertainment opportunities (e.g. tennis courts, fitness centers and jogging trails) increased.

· Potential market

The corporate housing industry realizes there is a potential market which extends beyond business travel. There is growing number of people looking for temporary accommodation for various reasons, including vacations, travel with children, emergency stays, seasonal travel or interim housing. Temporary housing under these circumstances offers an attractive alternative, especially for families looking for an opportunity to save.

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