Key Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Property in Montreal

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The Canadian economy is currently on the upward swing. The growth may not be staggering but it’s consistent and impressive. The best part, projections are more exciting for the real estate market. And since the country showed incredible resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and grew despite the gloom around, experts are confident it will fare even better in coming months.

And all this should definitely be music to the ears of investors, particularly businesses that want to be in a place that promises growth opportunities. While property investment anywhere across Canada is a smart decision, the value is definitely more when it happens in Montreal as the city has become a centre of big-ticket property transactions.  So, buying commercial property here can lend wings to your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Whether you want office spaces, retail spaces, multifamily units, industrial property or land, Montreal has everything available. What’s more, commercial locations with world-class infrastructure are easy to find here for setting up shops on any scale be it a hotel, restaurant or shopping mall etc. 

And don’t forget, the city has stringent laws and regulations for property deals and this minimizes chances of risks that are so common with commercial deals. But since buying a commercial property is a big undertaking, you should make every move with some air of caution to avoid risks.

You can follow some of the tips of this post to make the entire commercial property buying experience smooth and risk-free.

The tips are –

Determine your budget, and try to stick around it

Buying a commercial property is a big-money decision, so even a small mistake or even a minor lapse in judge might cost dear, literally. And when you’re a first-time buyer, chances of making errors are higher compared to those seasoned pros who enter and exit the market on a regular basis. But you needn’t feel nervous as long as you have a set budget, and a resolute will, to stick around it. In the real estate market, emotions may get swayed within moments and you might end up overpaying for a property. Avoid doing that and rather try to stay within the range you have set out for yourself. 

Search and assess the area thoroughly before investing there 

The area or neighbourhood where you want to buy the commercial property can do both, make or break the foundation of your business. And it would be a huge mistake on your part if you did not assess the area thoroughly on various parameters before buying the property. So, start by checking the growth potential of the area, then give focus on analysing the facilities of the area. It’s equally important to look at things like the presence of hospitals, schools, restaurants and key utilities such as water, before finalizing the deal. 

Look to secure a good commercial property financing

Most commercial real estate purchases are financed affairs and chances are yours one too might take the same route. And securing a loan is never easy when your or your business’ financial health is not good. Some work will still be needed even when you think all is well at your end. That’s why, to ease the financing aspect, you can consider adding a real estate broker as it can take off a lot of your loan-related burden. You can always work with the broker and leverage their experience to make financing a completely hassle-free exercise.

Consider a professional inspection of the property

As a buyer, you’d never want to pay anything higher than what the property actually commands. And how much should a property be worth depends on various factors, the quality of the building is one key aspect to it. And ideally no buyer should ever buy a commercial property, or any type of property for that matter, without a proper inspection. And when a property quotes a lot lower price than the market rate, it should bother you. Make sure you have a professional doing the inspection on the property and assessing the quality from every aspect. And needless to say, don’t buy it if it demands too much repair work.

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Perform a due diligence

When it comes to buying a real estate property, one counsel you should always pay heed to – never ever rush to buy a property without due diligence even when it has visibly everything going in favour. You must perform a due diligence before reaching the transaction table, else there’s a lot that can go wrong with the deal. Make sure you have checked both physical and legal aspects before paying for the property. Some of the key areas where due diligence is must include, assessment of property’s market worth, evaluation of property’s overall condition, title examination and a checking of the real estate tax payment on the property, etc. And unless you’re sure about the potential of the building, don’t buy it for some compulsion. 

Final Thoughts

Commercial real estate investments demand way more planning and consideration than you’d imagine. So, it makes sense to think of seeking professional help to minimize all the risks and ensure value with each aspect of the transaction.

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