Judge jails man after police say he tried to kill another man at an apartment complex


LAS CRUCES – A judge ordered a man accused of trying to kill another man jailed until his trial resolves.

Danny Perkins, 21, is charged with attempted murder. Police said that Perkins shot another man at the Los Altos Apartments on May 12. Perkins was arrested the same day.

Police accused Perkins of shooting a man he said was harassing his girlfriend. Police also believe that a second man, who has not been arrested as of the publication of this article, also shot at the victim. Pierce Wilber, a Las Cruces Police Department Detective, testified Wednesday that his investigations suggested Perkins’ shots landed while the other shooter missed. Wilber said that police found several bullet holes and shell casings in the area although they haven’t recovered the gun.

Both Wilber and the victim testified during a pretrial detention hearing on Wednesday. Prosecutors were attempting to convince the judge that Perkins is dangerous and that no conditions of release would protect the public.

The accuracy of Wilber’s affidavit also came into question during the hearing. When asked by Perkins’ attorney, Anthony Filosa, crossed examined the victim. Filosa asked if it was true that Perkins and the victim got into a fight before the shooting. The victim said that was false.

“I thought we were friends,” the victim said.

The victim added that he did get into a fight before the shooting. However, he testified that it had nothing to do with Perkins.

Filosa also asked if it was true that the victim was infatuated with Perkins’ girlfriend. The victim said that too was false. He said that the Perkins’ girlfriend, who police believe gave Perkins’ a ride to the apartment complex, owed him a free ride. The victim was trying to cash in on that ride when the shooting occurred, he said.

Additionally, Filosa asked the victim if it was true that he’d peeped into Perkin’s girlfriend’s windows. Again, the victim denied this. He said that it was impossible to look through her windows because her trailer was elevated and the windows were too high.

Despite the victim challenging some of the detective’s assertions, he also told the court that he was afraid for his life. He said he feared what would happen in Perkins got released.

“He hunted me down,” the victim said, adding that he feared Perkins would do it again.

Despite the question about the affidavit’s accuracy, 3rd Judicial District Judge Douglas Driggers still felt that prosecutors reached their burden.

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