Investment in Real Estate: Buy to Let Mortgages

There are many opportunities in the real estate industry. You could renovate houses and sell homes. You could help create buildings or link people to commercial spots. There are many ways you can work in the industry, but the opportunities don’t always lie in the job. Sometimes the opportunity is in the place itself. Renting out space, be it commercial or residential, you earn your initial investment and more. In locations that have decent foot traffic, especially near schools or tourist spots, renting out rooms is a lucrative business.

You do not need to be in a multi-billion-pound job to be able to invest in property to rent out. You can get a Buy to Let mortgage and let the business pay for itself. A Buy to Let mortgage for when you rent out a place for profit. Here are three things you need to know before securing a Buy to Let mortgage:

Profitability matters

Unlike the residential mortgage, a Buy to Let does not heavily factor in your finances. The determining factor is the profitability of your location. When it comes to residential mortgages, payments depend on your source of income and your bank statements and credit scores. Payday loans and other similar debt appear as liabilities.

A Buy to Let mortgage, on the other hand, does not solely depend on your salary (but it is a factor) since the property is ideally your money maker. Companies like are there to help you navigate the right mortgage for you. Assess the market, the demand of the location, the neighbourhood—these all play a role in determining the company contract.

Initial deposit

A Buy to Let mortgage is also more expensive than a residential one. You need to an initial deposit that is 20% of the value of the property. You also need to have a steady source of income with a minimum salary of £20,000. There is a more expensive down payment because the risk is higher on the part of the company. The Buy to Let mortgage is specialised, and each region and company have their approach. However, do not worry about being overcharged, there are rules monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Commercial vs residential

There are different kinds of Buy to Let mortgages, with a distinct difference between commercial and residential property. It is harder to get a Buy to Let mortgage for residential areas because you depend on an individual’s salary. When they fail to make payments, you fail to make payments. There are also times when the apartment sits empty, and that translates to money lost. Commercial spaces, on the other hand, have a higher percentage of making their rent. An excellent location almost guarantees good business.

Remember, when you are scouting the neighbourhood, look for highly populated areas with a consistent need for space. If you have no problems with taking the risk, a Buy to Let mortgage will pay for itself and more.