How We Adjusted Our Budget for SEO Services

Maintaining a website for my business is a lot of work. It takes a constant effort to make sure images and videos are updated, sales are posted on the main page, social-media tie-ins are posted and more. That is just the mechanics of it. We do job site photos, videos and customer testimonials. We then upload the digital data to the cloud, and I have office staff use the stuff to keep the website fresh. However, page ranking was still not where I wanted it to be for search engine results, and this is why affordable SEO services became very important to me.

I had to weigh the amount of money we had for marketing versus the profit our website was bringing in. We queried customers to see how they discovered us and what made them call us. We have TV, radio and newspaper ads as well as our website. Some people said they saw us on TV, but they did not decide to call until they went to our website. So, in those instances, we put the weight toward the website for gaining us a new customer. Overall, putting some money into affordable SEO services to up our page ranking for when potential customers do a search for a business like ours made sense.

Search engine optimization would get our website more toward the top of the results, especially when people were searching for our business type regionally. The tricks they used improved the look and feel as well as the general flow of the content on our website. It got us first into the top five results, then we got into the top three. Many times we are right under the paid ads for the search engines. That is as high as you can go without paying the search engine for a higher spot.