How to Use a Fireplace Tips

Nothing beats the warm glow of wood fire inside a fireplace especially with the cold breeze of winter outside. Wood is far helpful than turning on a thermostat as it can save more energy.

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Of course, before you spark up the wood logs, you should know the basics on a Stockport fireplace. Here are a few tips:

Have an Inspection

Clean out the fireplace regularly by lining an aluminum foil at the bottom of it. Let the ashes cool, fold the foil and lay another layer in it.

Deep cleaning should be done bi-weekly mainly when you often use your fireplace. A simple household solution can do the trick- mix vinegar, ammonia, borax, and scrub the bricks. Also, you may use this trick outside or inside home.

At least once a year, your chimney and fireplace need an inspection to prevent unexpected disasters.

Choose the Right Wood

Most woods will burn in a fireplace, but choosing the right one is essential. What matters are not only you enjoy the fire, but must also good for the health and the environment.

Typical kinds of woods used are the following:

  • Oak. It is considered as the best wood to burn in a fireplace because it provides slow-burning fire that last-longer.
  • Maple. This wood mainly found in the United States or Canada. It is a massive log and also has a slow-burning fire.
  • Birch. This wood is famous as it gives a beautiful fire, but it burns quickly, so you should have a lot of spare.

In using wood burning gas stove Stockport, make sure that woods are properly dried and seasoned.

Use a Spark Guard

Using of spark guard provides a fully unbarred view of the gas fire Stockport. It cozily rests against its opening to prevent kids and pets safe. It also has heavy mesh lining making it more challenging to the kids to lift.

For you to access the fire, the screen needs to lift by an adult and transfer it away from the fireplace opening.

Moreover, the spark guard keeps the hot coals from escaping.

Learn the Basic in Starting a Fire

It may sound simple to start a fire, but it needs a definite way to keep a robust burning fire to produce more warmth.

Use dry kindling or fuel to start a small fire. It needs plenty of air, so air controls need fully opened until it is active. Let it burn by adding more wood in it.

On your fireplaces Stockport, there should be an open space between the woods as you add to maintain a hot and brighter fire.

In sustaining a proper airflow, you must remove the ashes on the fireplace, and place it outdoors in a container with cover.

Hot air from the fireplace usually trapped near the ceiling, so it is advised to run the ceiling fans counterclockwise to help in the air circulation. It helps to transmit the air from the roof to the walls and into the spaces.

Summing Things Up

Knowing the fundamentals of your fireplace is necessary. Make sure you maintain the fireplace regularly to ensure its safe and efficient operation. You don’t need to worry anymore with the cold winter, because your cozy fireplace helps you.