How To Find Out How Much A House Sold For Quick And Easy


How to Find Out How Much a Home Sold For

Are you interested in finding out how much a house sold for in your neighborhood? If so, you’re not alone.

Many folks pay attention to the market values of similar homes whether they are planning on selling or not.

If you’re planning on buying, you may also want to have an idea of what houses are selling for in a particular area. Real Estate agents are often asked the question “how much did a house sell for.”

There are a variety of ways to find out how much someone paid for a house.

When you’re looking to find out how much a house sold for quickly and easily, there are some simple ways to do it.

You’re going to see five methods to do just that.

Common Reasons to Find Out The Sale Price of a House

There are a few reasons why potential buyers and sellers might want to know how much a house sold for. In real estate transactions, knowing the sale price can be a crucial part of negotiating offers and counteroffers.

You may want to see the prices of recent comparable sales in your neighborhood when you’re getting ready to sell your home. Sales prices of other similar properties will be a good gauge for the right listing price for your home.

Real Estate agents will use comparable homes in the local area to create a comparative market analysis for a property. The analysis will be the basis for determining property values.

If you’re thinking of buying a home, you might want to know the median selling price of homes in your area. This could help you decide on an offer price.

Knowing the previous sale price of a home can tell you how much it has appreciated in value. It is likely your buyer’s agent would also provide a CMA.

Having the sales prices beforehand will be helpful to make the CMA report make more sense when presented.

There are several ways to find out how much a house sold for, regardless of why you want to know. To make the process more straightforward we’ll review the best ways to find out.

Ways to Find Out How Much a House Sold For

Major real estate websites offer databases of current homes for sale, as well as historical sales data. This information can be helpful in your search for a sale price.

All you need is the exact address of the home to start your search for sales prices.

When you want to find out what a property sold for quickly one of the best methods is to go online to one of the popular real estate sites. The two most popular are Zillow and

Search For Your Address on Zillow

You can search for your address on Zillow. Just put your full address including the city and state into the address lookup tool. Upon doing so, you will see a property record of your home or someone else’s.

If at some point in the past the home was for sale, you’ll see the sales history of the house. Zillow will give you the dates when the home sold and the sales price.

Keep in mind, you’re also going to see a “zestimate of value” when visiting Zillow. Zillow home values should be ignored as they are rarely ever accurate.

Search For Your Address on

You can also search for the previous sale price of a home on too. Like Zillow, you will enter the address of the property for which you want a sale price.

Compare Sales Prices on Multiple Sites to Verify Data

When deciding to gather information from real estate websites, your best bet is to visit several sites and compare the data.

If the prices of the items vary greatly from one company to another, you may have to do further research to determine which prices are most accurate. Usually there is uniform accurate information.

In a small percentage of cases the data won’t be accurate because the information is coming from third party sources.

Use Google to Find a Home’s Sale Price

Finding a Home

You can also visit Google and type the full address of the property into the search bar. If the property has sold recently, there is going to be a strong possibility of finding the sales price.

Using online tools is a terrific way to find out what a home sold for. It’s similar to looking for who owns a property. The search will provide you with public information of house prices of previous owners in many circumstances.

There will also be other excellent information you can glean for a property doing a Google search. Detailed information like property taxes, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, etc.

Use The Local Newspaper

The local newspaper can be a tool to use for finding sold data but it’s much more challenging to locate a specific property.

Useful tools such as online resources make is much more straightforward to find house prices.

Visit The Tax Assessor’s Office at City Hall

One of the more accurate ways of finding out a properties sale price is by visiting the local assessor’s office. They will have a property “field card” that will show the previous sales prices of a home.

It’s also possible to search for house sales prices online. Most counties have their tax information at a public website. Once you know what town the house is in, you can begin your search.

You can visit their website to find out the sale information for a particular address. The website usually doesn’t charge a fee, but sometimes when visiting the tax assessor’s office there will be a minimal charge for information. The small fee with be worth it to get the sale price info you’re looking for.

The Public Records Online Directory is a portal to the offices of tax assessors, treasurers, and recorders that have developed websites for the retrieval of public records over the Internet.

Search at The Registry of Deeds as a Last Resort

The local registry of deeds or county courthouse will have the sales price information for any house you would like to research. It is more work for most folks unless they live nearby the registry.

A real estate attorney or title company could also perform a title search for you.

A title search will provide you with a document that contains the information you need about the home. The fee they charge is probably not worth it unless you have looked in other places without any luck.

If you are looking for the previous sale price of your own home, you could kill two birds with one stone and ask to check for a clear title.

A deed of abstract usually includes:

  • Property sale prices
  • Mortgages, liens and any tax debts
  • Easements and rights of way

Check Sales Prices of Homes By Speaking to a Local Real Estate Agent

The easiest way by far to find out how much a house sold for is to speak with a local Realtor. Real Estate agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a database of properties for sale, pending sale, and sold homes.

Real Estate agents can do simple searches given an address to see a complete sales history of a house. Agents can see the sold price and date for any property. It is the best way to get sales prices of homes in a given area. The MLS has property information for the local market including recent home sales.

Real Estate professionals have access to property records through their affiliation with the local MLS board.

Even if you are not friendly with a real estate agent, they will gladly provide this information to you. Most real estate agents love meeting new people and helping them out.

Doing so can lead to future business for a top real estate agent. Just give an agent the address you would like the sale price for and they will do the rest.

How to Find Out What a Home Sold For That Has a Sold Sign?

Find Out How Much a Property Sold For

If you wanting to find out the sale price of a house that has a sold sign or pending rider in your neighborhood, the agent will not be able to tell you until the property closes.

If the real estate agent is a member of the National Association of Realtors a strict set of rules must be followed to protect the owners interests.

It is against the Realtor Code of Ethics for the listing agent to reveal the sale price of a property before it closes. Unethical behavior could lead to a loss of a real estate license.

So, with contingent sales and pending sales, the real estate agent cannot reveal the price to anyone. If the sale were to fall through, other people knowing the home’s sales price could hurt the seller.

Once the property closes, the real estate agent will be able to reveal the sale price.

You could also find out the sale price the old fashion way by picking up the phone and calling the seller or dropping by their house.

Are House Sale Prices Always Made Public?

In some states, a home’s sale price does not become public record. The following states do not require disclosure of property sale prices. These are the non-disclosure states:

  • Alaska
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

There Are Also States With a Gray Area For Sales Price Disclosure

There are the states that fall into a sale price disclosure gray area. In these states, no disclosure laws exist and sale prices are only made public if the seller submits it.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee

In the states which have non-disclosure laws and won’t release sales data to the public, you’ll need to speak with a Realtor or real estate agent.

Final Thoughts

Finding out what a house sold for is common among both buyers and sellers. When you are interested in finding out the value of your home or making an offer on a property, A CMA will be useful.

Real Estate agents will provide a comparative market analysis for free. By getting a CMA done, you’ll find out the likely sale price for your home.


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