How To Be The Best Barbecue Host This Summer

BBQs are a perfect fit for the summer, but organising an outdoor party with great food and appropriate entertainment and decor takes more preparation than you might think.

If you’re hosting your first barbeque or just looking for ideas, follow these tips to make sure your next party is fun, memorable and delicious for your guests, and stress-free for yourself.

Set the right mood

Make sure your guests are in the right frame of mind by deciding on a theme and decorating your garden, patio or verandah to match. This can be as simple as throwing up a few Christmas lights or going all-out with an international theme that extends to the food you’re serving.

Make a playlist of upbeat summer anthems that will last throughout the party and set up some classic backyard games that can be enjoyed by all ages, from badminton to lawn Twister.

Transform your outdoor living space

Updating your backyard with a new patio can be a great way to add value to your property and expand your living, dining and entertaining space to the outdoors. Contact Sunscreen patio builders from Sydney for a unique and advanced patio construction system with state-of-the-art technology in roof coverings.

Provide something for everyone

When it comes to food, it goes without saying that you should serve vegetarian options for non-meat-eating guests, but why stop there? Even if you mainly want to show off your burgers and steaks, serving grilled alternatives like poultry, fish and seafood adds variety and could be appreciated by dieting guests.

Go the extra mile

Even if you’ve invested in quality steaks, to guarantee a memorable feast you should put in the hours beforehand and marinate those meats overnight for a richer flavour. Also check out the range of buns, sauces and dips at your local supermarket for impressive artisanal options — you might even find some new favourites.

Perfect drinks

BBQs go hand to hand with beers, but on a scorching hot day you should think about hydration and serve refreshing alternatives too. Water, iced tea and fruit juices are ideal for all ages, but it’s the punch bowl and cocktails that will be the big hits.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Handling the whole barbeque yourself can be stressful and demanding, and you’ll find that guests are happy to ease this burden if you just ask. You can request your guests to bring certain items, such as a salad, side dish or extra drinks, and guests will be more than happy to build their own burgers and mix cocktails to their preference when you set up fixing stations.