Housewarming Gift Ideas – Stop Agonizing Over What to Buy Someone Who Has Moved

Did your girlfriend, co-worker, family member or a dear friend just announce that they’re moving into a new home or apartment and you don’t know what to buy as a housewarming gift? It’s agonizing when you don’t know what to buy, especially not knowing their color scheme, decorating style, and a thousand other doubts that begin to surface when you know you must buy something, but you have no idea where to start.

Here’s Where to Start

If you want to buy a housewarming gift that is a guaranteed win, and something that almost everyone would like, then do an online search for “housewarming gift ideas” and check out the sites that are displayed. Once inside the online store, look for subcategories or search for “new home” or “new apartment” as search terms.

What to Look For

Search for traditional housewarming gift baskets that are delightful to look at, make an impressive statement, and contain items that will be fun yet useful to the one receiving the gift.

For the females in your life, look for gift baskets that are filled with sweet smelling and inviting goodies for the home such as a print dishtowel and potholder set that will brighten up her gourmet kitchen. Choose a gift that contains a candle tin to freshen the air, chocolate chip cookies that she can munch on while unpacking, and snack items that will be perfect when company comes to visit.

For the males in your life, look for food combinations of olives, pasta, and snacking treats that will last from ten minutes to ten days. Most men love snacks, salt or sweet.

Does your new homeowner/apartment renter like coffee, tea, or breakfast treats?

Usually every online gift basket store has treats for those who want to have breakfast in bed, or who love various blends and taste treats in tea and coffee. When you know that they love tea or coffee, you’ve just selected a winning combination that would delight anyone. Then add a few breakfast components like biscotti, cookies or pancake/waffle mix and your gift buying frustrations are over. Just buy the basket and watch how the recipient squeals with delight at the sight of the huge gift basket you’re delivering to their new place.

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