Here’s Why You Should Not Use Bleach for Your Tile and Grout

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Undoubtedly, grout is one of the hardest areas to clean in your house. Whether it is in your kitchen or bathroom, dirt can build up or stain your tile grout. Because the dirt sticks to the narrow area of the grout, the cleaning task would naturally be arduous. It may not be a fun task, especially if you do it regularly as the job needs to be. 

If you are unaware of how to handle tile and grout cleaning, your first option will be to use the available cleaning solutions at home. One is the bleach. If you think that it works fine so far, wait until you see problems. What is best then is that you stop now and learn why bleach is never ideal for your tile and grout. 

1. Bleach does not remove the molds from your tile grout.

Isn’t it that grout cleaning is also for preventing mold and other organic matters to develop? Bleach does not clean molds. In fact, it only bleaches it. In short, it only looks as if it is gone but the molds are still there. Bleach only gave you a false sense of security that you removed this harmful growth.

2.  Bleach is easily diluted when you mix it with water during tile and grout cleaning.

Bleach quickly dilutes when you mix it with any liquid like water. It can only become less effective with time. As you have probably observed, it just takes a few days to see dirt again living on your narrow grout. Relying on it for your grout cleaning needs is futile.

3. Bleach is extremely caustic and unsafe when you are careless during your tile and grout cleaning

Bleach is not something that you should mess around with. It is harmful to the skin even with just a small amount as it can lead to burns, rashes, and other skin problems. You just want clean your tile and grout but you end up going to a doctor for treatment. Avoid this so you don’t risk your health and safety, including your children and pets. 

Bleach can damage your tiles and tile grout 

The damage on your tiles and tile grout brought about by bleach gradually occurs. Because you do not see it immediately, you would think that you are not causing harm at all. But what you do know is that the damage starts from within since bleach is highly reactive and caustic. It can damage the tile finish, tile grout, and even the protective coating that porcelain has. When the damage finally becomes visible, it is too late that you would need replacement. As you see, bleach is not the best grout cleaner out there.

Hire Professionals Instead!

Instead of relying on your readily available bleach, choose a safer and smarter option for your tile and grout cleaning needs. This is with the help of experts who have the proper cleaning solutions and equipment. Professional tile cleaning Orlando is cost-effective and not tedious for you. Moreover, it can improve and maintain the look and quality of your tiles and tile grout.

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