Healthy advice to follow if your kids are stressed after quarantine

Supporting your child's mental health as they return to school during  COVID-19 | UNICEFIn light of the pandemic, times have changed a lot. What was the norm has become a taboo in society. People could freely relate with each other, show physical signs of camaraderie, but not anymore. Activities that should encourage kids to travel were put on hold. Now, everyone has to mandatorily maintain some space from the other person, use a face mask always, wash and sanitize their hands regularly. Considering the importance of traveling and moving around, both adults and kids are quarantined once they begin to show symptoms of the deadly viruses for proper treatment. If your kids are in the category of those who got quarantined, they might be stressed after all the process.  Here are healthy pieces of advice to solve that:

Provide them with a proper diet
Stress can also be caused by fatigue and lack of energy. Not eating the right foods that boost your children’s energy can be disastrous. For instance, if the majority of what your children eat is junk and flour foods, they will most definitely be stressed. Those types of foods do not have the required nutrients to keep a child sharp, relaxed and upbeat. Instead, include a lot of fruits and vegetables in their diet. There are lots of varieties to pick from, they can always find what interests them. Also, try preparing more proteinous dishes for them. Ensure the foods are wholesome, fresh and organic. Chemically grown foods are killers in disguise, and they will do more harm than good. If your children have no appetite to eat as required, innovate ways to make your dishes more appetizing and inviting.

Ensure they get some exercise and proper rest
Kids who sit in a place all day doing nothing have a high possibility of always getting stressed. Exercise is not only for adults, but children can also exercise. However, you have to make sure that they do not engage in workouts that beyond their capacity. You can sign them up for a children’s gym class do that they can be more serious and get encouraged by other kids. Exercise helps to deal with stress a lot, they will be thankful if you put them in a gym. Besides, rest is important for dealing with exercise. Be firm about how your kid’s time is organized, never allow them to play too much to the detriment of their health. Teach them the importance of proper rest, and together with them, come up with time arrangements that help them to rest when necessary.

Provide them with a conducive environment to stay
As their parent, it is your job to provide your kids with a conducive place to live in. An unhealthy environment can also cause much stress for your kids. For instance, if your children are in an emotionally toxic environment, there is a high likelihood of then being stressed all the time. Also, if your space is physically unhealthy, maybe it is jam-packed, in a dirty environment or in a neighbourhood that is never quiet, your children have all reasons to be stressed. Environmental stress can be deadly if not quickly dealt with. Once you have identified the environment as the cause of your children’s stress, deal with it urgently. Revamp the environment to be more conducive and safer for them, or you take them out of it. In cases where both options are not existing, you can develop more innovative ways to solve the problem.

Engage them in something
Never let your children be idle. In the time when schools are closed, it is up to you to keep them mentally agile. There are lots of things you can engage your children with. For instance, you can introduce educational games to them. You can teach them how to use the computer and other basic machines in the house. You can go over their schoolwork with them, shed more light on grey areas and teach them beyond what they are taught in the classroom. You can put them to watching movies that celebrate their history, cultural heritage, nationality and lifestyle. You can also engage them mentally by encouraging them to create real-life solutions to real-life problems. If you have noticed that they have a natural interest in a particular area or a flair for a particular thing, this is the time to provide more resources to enable them to develop more in that regard. For the sake of a strong headstart, put them to learning new languages, keeping up with the what is happening and preparing them to be better adults in the society. With these, your children will overcome stress and live a healthy life.