Great Home Renovations for Pet Owners


If you’re a pet owner, then you have to make sure that the luxury residences you’re considering are also good enough for your pet. After all, in many ways your pets are part of your family. They live with you; so you should take their needs into account.

It’s not enough that you have a small swing door that allows them to come and go freely. There are other things to take into account.For one, you need to make sure that the condo management allows homeowners to have pets. If the answer is yes, then you can make your pet feel more at home by doing the following renovations:

Use Your Laundry Room as a Pet Sanctuary

In many homes today, it’s popular for spaces and rooms to have more than one function. Your home office or library can turn into a guest room. The same goes for your laundry room, which you can also turn into a pet sanctuary. You can designate a spot or the area underneath the cabinets for your pets to lounge around in peace, while they’re also conveniently away from regular foot traffic.

Try a Dog Bed in Your Bedroom

It’s not really a good idea to have your dog sleep in your bed. But if you like the idea of your dog sleeping in your bedroom for comfort and security, you can set them up there if you have the space. You can get them their own bed along with some durable pillows and perhaps a basket for their toys. If you’re concerned about the look of your bedroom, you can get the same bedspreads for your dog’s bed to match your own.

Set Up a Dog Crate Built into a Kitchen Island

Many dog experts recommend crate training for puppies. Even older dogs often appreciate having their own space. But a crate often doesn’t look right, especially in luxury homes. However, you can have them built right into a kitchen island or counter. It’s a very streamlined solution, plus you can just remove the wire doors when you want it to look like an ordinary kitchen island again.

Build a Pet Nook under the Stairs

This is often wasted space, but you can turn it into a hangout for your pets. You can put in a small bed, or even a chaise that’s made for dogs. Decorate it with some fun wall designs and put in a gentle light too. This space can be great for dogs so they’re not in the way.

Have a Canine Shower Installed

It’s not really a good idea to share your tub with your pooch. But you can have a specially-made dog shower put in, and they’re great if your dog likes to get dirty a lot. You can have a small walk-in shower with a long hose attachment for the nozzle so you can rinse your pooch more easily. You can also have cabinets built over the shower station so you have a handy place for your dog shampoo, towels, and dog brush.

If your dream house doesn’t have the amenities for your pets, you may want to consider putting them in yourself. They make life better for your beloved pets, plus they also add value to your home. When it’s time for you to sell, your pro-pet upgrades will make the house more attractive to other pet owners. Right now, 57% of Canadian households have pets, so you may want to accommodate their preferences.