Faith Building 101A

Let Your Family and Friends Know That You Are A Person of Faith.

If you are like my Magic Genie friend Gloriious and I, you may be shy about telling those you love and care about that you are a person of faith. You may be afraid to let your true feelings show. You may need to learn how to build your faith.

Don’t Be Afraid. Unlock Your Imagination and Find Your Faith.

Get rid of your inhibitions and allow your true feelings and emotions to take hold. You may be surprised to discover that you are in fact a person of Faith. You may be amazed to find out how much faith you really have. You might discover your own personal Magic Genie to help you make your wishes come true. Use your imagination. Get Motivated.

You Are Entitled to Declare Yourself a Person of Faith.

When you unlock your imagination and get rid of your inhibitions you will soon discover that you are a good and worthwhile person who is entitled to declare yourself a person of faith. You are entitled to feel good about yourself. You are entitled to find your faith in God. The Almighty has genetically predisposed you to want to have faith. It is as natural an instinct as your will to survive. Learn to express yourself.

Express Your Faith to Validate and Acknowledge It.

Once you recognize that you are a person of faith, you can acknowledge your newfound faith, and validate it to others by making an Expression of Faith; an Expression that represents what you personally believe. You can memorialize your feelings of faith.

There Is More Than One Way For You To Find Your Faith.

It doesn’t matter what your particular religious beliefs are. You are entitled to believe in God any way you choose. That’s why God gave us the right to make choices. You have a right to believe in God and to declare yourself a person of Faith. You have the right to express yourself. You have a right to follow your own path to God.

Taking Little Leaps Can Help You Build Your Faith.

You can take small steps or ‘little leaps’ of faith that can help you build your faith. You can start to discover that these ‘little leaps’ are the Magical Keys to finding your Faith. Couldn’t you use a little magic in your life right now? Don’t you want to know how to cope with the troubles of our time? Wouldn’t you like to be more successful?

Wouldn’t You Like to Feel Good About Yourself?

Learning how to express your newfound faith can help make you feel wonderful. It can help you feel like a worthwhile person. Wouldn’t you like to feel good about yourself? You can when you declare yourself a person of faith. Take positive action.

Learn How To Cope With The Troubled Times We Live In.

Once you learn to express your faith and declare yourself a person of faith, you will find peace of mind. You will be able to cope with the troubles of our times. You will begin to feel more secure. You will begin to feel better about your life.

You Can Find Your Faith and Feel More Secure.

When you find your faith you will start to have peace of mind. You will begin to realize that only God can control what happens in your life. You will begin to believe in what is beyond our power to understand. You will begin to use your imagination.

Little Leaps of Faith You Can Take to Help You Find Peace of Mind.

You can start by being kind, caring and loving. You can take the ‘little leap’ of faith that confirms that sometimes it takes a little fantasy to unlock our imaginations so that we may learn to believe in what we cannot see or understand. Stop patching yourself together with temporary quick fixes and get a patch of faith – a Magic Pill for what ails you. Couldn’t you use a little magic in your life right now?

Learn How to Become a Person of Faith.

Take the ‘little leaps’ of faith necessary to help you become a person of faith. Learn how to build your faith to help protect you from acts of terrorism and natural disasters. Learn to have faith in the future. Couldn’t you use a little more faith today?

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