Eagle County mails property tax statements

Eagle County property tax statements for 2020 taxes due in 2021 have been mailed to all property owners of record. Those who have not received a statement by the end of January should contact the Eagle County Treasurer’s Office at 970-328-8860 to verify their mailing address and request another copy.

Property owners also have the option of requesting electronic delivery of statements using http://www.enoticesonline.com. Those who have already chosen this option will receive an email notification when the online bill is available.

Tax amounts and an online payment option are available at http://www.eaglecounty.us/treasurer under “Property Tax Search-Pay.” Those who made prepayments toward their 2020 taxes will see the payment and any balance due reflected in their statement. For property owners who overpaid, a refund check will be mailed along with a receipt showing the amount applied to the account.

To pay property taxes in equal installments, the first half is due on Mar. 1 and the second half is due on June 15. For those who prefer to pay the amount due in one installment, the deadline is April 30. Postmarks are acceptable for current year taxes. For information on paying taxes for prior years, contact the Treasurer’s Office.

Taxpayers have the option of dropping their payments and coupons into the 24-hour ballot drop boxes at the Eagle County Building at 500 Broadway in Eagle, at the Avon Center Building at 100 W. Beaver Creek Blvd., or at the Eagle County Community Center in El Jebel at 20 Eagle County Dr. These payments will be considered received on the date deposited up to 5 p.m.

Property owners whose taxes are escrowed as part of their mortgage may wish to contact their lender to ensure proper payment occurs. Tax statements will be sent to both the property owner and the mortgage holder. Those who have made early tax payments should contact their mortgage company to inquire about escrow balancing and refund timelines.

For more information, contact the Eagle County Treasurer’s Office at 970-328-8860 or at [email protected].