Dreamstime releases new Upload section, now faster with AI enhancements

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11/12/2020, Brentwood // KISSPR //

Dreamstime, the world’s largest stock photography community, with 33 million users and 148 million images to this date, has recently released its new Upload section. Re-designed and fine- tuned for its 670,000+ contributors, the new upload integrates Dreamstime’s proprietary PhotoEyeTM AI technology, prioritizes features based on popularity, adds an accessible mass file and metadata import solutions and allows instant connection with the dedicated mobile app.

The new upload offers a significant advantage over its previous version as it integrates Dreamstime’s AI technology, PhotoEyeTM, to provide automatic keyword suggestions and tag content quickly and efficiently based on the entire keyword database. For contributors, this will significantly reduce the hours spent on manual tagging and release association. At the same time, they will benefit from an editing tool with capabilities to improve their metadata SEO for better ranking in major search engines.

With an increase of over 43% in its online files since last year, Dreamstime seeks to provide easy-to-use innovative solutions to a growing number of photographers looking for remote work opportunities. “The future workplace will be online for many people. Stock photography is a solid work-from-home choice, a reliable recurring income source. Innovation, flexibility, and agility to release in-demand features will ultimately decide which platform gets picked. Our new upload tools provide improved user experience, but, most importantly, they save contributors time to focus on creative work,” says Serban Enache, CEO and founder of Dreamstime.

The new Upload section includes, but is not limited to:

AI-generated metadata: Dreamstime’s AI has learned from billions of images and keywords and will provide automatic keyword suggestions to tag content quickly and efficiently.

Auto-fill: Previously available for categories and license type, all info is now retained with instant automatic import to the next-in-line files, with off and on option.

One page submits everything: Contributors now navigate a single streamlined screen to upload, edit, and finish their uploads, with simplified design and significant speed increase.

Model/Property release filter: Prioritization of model and property releases, with easy select and search features.

For designers, this comes as an in-depth optimization of the search that accounts for AI-produced data, where automatic tagging will return more accurate and relevant results. PhotoEyeTM was implemented in 2017 and released for third party usage in 2019, offering content filtering, copyright and logo detection, model release count, automatic keyword suggestion, smart cropping, and privacy tools to improve companies’ results and their customers.

To test the newly improved Upload area, visit https://www.dreamstime.com/upload. For more information about Dreamstime, visit https://www.dreamstime.com/.


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