Dome Cameras Are the Most Popular Security and Surveillance Tools

Dome cameras are the most widely used security camera in the world. Why? They can be installed in any location and many people find them to be less bulky and more durable than conventional security cameras. One property owner found that dome cameras were much more practical for his apartment buildings than his existing security cameras.

With the increase in home invasions, break-ins and assaults in the neighborhood, Penner Properties decided to install additional security cameras in several of their apartment buildings. They’d had security cameras in some of the buildings already but the cameras were frequently getting vandalized and were vulnerable to all sorts of damage.

Mr. Penner was looking for a cheaper, more compact type of camera that was a little more durable. He also wanted to add surveillance cameras to the parking lots to make them safer for tenants, and dome cameras offered the ideal solution.

He liked the way the compact Dome Cameras looked in the hallways. They were much smaller than the cameras that he was replacing and the cameras inside the domes were well protected. They could be placed against the ceilings with no bulky parts hanging down that could be caught by tenants moving furniture in and out.

The dome cameras were inexpensive enough that he could install them in every hallway of every building. He also placed them in the lobbies, elevators and stairwells to ensure that no corner of the building was unprotected. For the parking lots, he installed weatherproof high-speed dome cameras that worked equally well day or night.

The downward facing dome cameras had a full 360° range of view, which meant that they had no blind spots, unlike the cameras that Penner’s buildings had previously had. Improved security made the apartments more desirable and they soon began to attract a better class of tenants.

There is no better way to protect your business or see what is going on at your home or office than with a dome security camera. They are great for security and surveillance too. When are you getting one?

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