Decorative Items You Can Take with You

Typically, there’s quite a list of rules for apartment dwellers to abide by regarding decorating the apartment. There are ways to create a personalized domain without breaking the rules. You can put your stamp on the apartment with the decorative accessories you incorporate into each room. By selecting decorative items you can take with you, you’ll have a foundation to build on when you move to another apartment or into a home of your own.


If the neutral-colored walls of your apartment don’t match with your vibrant personality, there are several ways you can liven up the room without causing a conflict with the landlord. You can add some colorful accent pillows to the living room décor. You can display colorful dishes and countertop storage jars or apply magnetic appliance covers to brighten up the kitchen. Arts and crafts style rugs can be used in any area of the apartment to add an artistic touch of color to your décor.

Wall Art

Wall art is an excellent form of self-expression. Select art that reflects your personality, interests or passion. Mirrors are often a good choice of wall art for an apartment. They can make a room feel more spacious. Arts and crafts style rugs can be hung on the wall to create a focal point in the room. The wall art you use in your apartment can travel with you from place to place helping each place you move to retain a sense of familiarity.


Storage furniture is a good choice for apartment living. It can help you maintain an organized home regardless of how large or small your apartment or house may be. Furniture that’s upholstered in neutral colors can transition more easily from one place to another.

It’s financially wise to furnish your apartment with items you can take with you when you move. You can use furniture covers to change the color scheme of a room without buying new furniture. Bedding is another way to vary the décor in a room without over-extending the budget.