Dealing With Noisy or Bad Neighbors in an Apartment or Rental Complex

When renting a property, one big disadvantage would be the possible conflict with neighbors. Most renters are comfortable with the whole neighbor situation and most don’t get to be in a situation where they will be disagreeing with one another. However, study shows that each renter will have at least one disagreement or dissatisfaction with the neighbors. They may not confront them, but it may cause some sort of tension in the area. A lot of people just avoid the issue but there is no guarantee that it won’t get worse. But there also are some instances that discussing the problem can also make the issue worst.

Paper Thin Walls

Most apartments are made with a good amount of insulation and quite some thick walls. But we cannot escape the fact that neighbors in downtown lofts or other apartment areas can hear the television, music or even the conversation of their other neighbors. No matter how thick the walls maybe, you may hear these noises because of the apartment’s close proximity. There is also this notion that there is at the least a shared wall in each apartment at each apartment complex. Everyone, especially the renters, should be well aware of where and which of their walls are shared so they can avoid making noises at these places and be aware of the noise they make during certain times of day where your neighbors maybe asleep.

Be Considerate

To make living with neighbors harmoniously easier, the trick is to be considerate. Consideration makes things more bearable for neighbors, and this will bring less conflict. For instance, limiting the volume of the music you are playing can be a lot of help, consideration wise. Yes, we are free to enjoy whatever music in our own place, but we have neighbors to think about. So only listen to music loudly when you know that no one else living near your place is sleeping.

When it comes to throwing parties, be sure to be conscientious. Long Beach apartments or California apartments in general have the possibilities to have wild and loud parties, but think of your neighbors. Also, being the renter, you are held liable for the attitude and actions of your guests. Therefore, you must make sure that none of your guests are causing trouble and discomfort for all of the other residents of the entire apartment complex.

Unusual Schedules

There are some jobs or some instances that will force us to take unusual schedules. In these cases, it will be quite challenging for us to function well in any apartment complex. Unusual schedules may include those who work night shifts who are sleeping during the day. Being like this may put them in a more delicate situation wherein they are more prone to getting disturbed by people who assume others are awake during the day.

These people would sometimes need to extend extra effort to make things easy for all of them neighbors. The most common solution would be talking to the neighbors about the situation, but it is somehow farfetched to expect they would remain very quite during the day. They can be considerate and try their best, but there may be some unavoidable situations that may cause noise such as vacuum cleaning. If you have the courage to ask your neighbor to do this at night, it’s fine but think about all the other neighbors who are sleeping during night time.

The most common solutions that people with unusual schedules do would include buying earplugs or even purchasing some white noise machine. The white noise machine drowns out the noise and gives an ambient sound to make your sleeping environment more relaxing and conducive to sleeping. Understanding how hard it is to sleep when someone is awake, the people with unusual schedule should give extra effort to be as quiet as they can because when they are awake, all the other neighbors are most likely sleeping.

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