‘Dads,’ ‘Search Party,’ ‘Palm Springs,’ and More

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Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine

“I lived by what was printed by Creem magazine,” says Metallica’s Kirk Hammett in the documentary teaser’s opening moments. R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are among the other featured musicians looking back on the formative magazine. “Most people want to fit in somewhere,” says Stipe. “I wasn’t going to find it in my high school. I found it in Creem Magazine.” Elsewhere in the clip, archival footage and interviews with former staff – including Lester Bangs and Cameron Crowe – revisit the rock n roll lifestyle that went on not-so-behind the scenes. (Summer 2020)

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From Will Smith and Neil Patrick Harris to Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, the upcoming Apple TV documentary brings celebrity fathers together for an ode to fatherhood – its joys and mishaps alike. “I’m not Jimmy Fallon anymore,” the late-night host says in interview clip. “I’m Winnie’s dad.” Elsewhere, home videos reveal emotional moments of fathers standing by their children during times of medical uncertainty, while other snippets capture everyday teenage dramas, like the all-too-familiar “you’re ruining my life” proclamation. (June 19)

The Rental

The Dave Franco-directed thriller just might make you rethink your next rental home vacation. When two couples arrive at their destination, they find a seemingly perfect ocean-front property – and a host who cracks an uncomfortable peeping-tom joke. It isn’t long before they realize their host may not be so harmless. But whether or not he is spying after all, the growing tension unearths long-buried secrets between the four friends. (July 24)

Search Party, Season Three

Dory, Drew, and the rest of the Brooklyn-hipster gang are prepping for the so-called trial of the century, two seasons after committing a semi-accidental murder. Though Dory is in prison, her friends look on the bright side: She is now famous thanks to a “fabulous” public arrest. Meanwhile, in the outside world, Elliot and Portia go back and forth on whether or not they should testify in court. The group may be running out options but they don’t knock the power of positive thinking as they chant “The truth will set us free.” If only it were that easy. (June 25)

Palm Springs

Sarah (Cristin Milioti) meets fun-loving Nyles (Andy Samberg) at her best friend’s wedding. Only, she doesn’t realize that she’s now stuck with forever, and not the forever of matrimony’s standards. A paranormal encounter leaves Sarah in an infinite time-loop with Nyles, where they repeat the wedding Groundhogs Day style. The duo tests their luck driving headfirst into trucks, flying airplanes with beers in hand, and running each other over, all the while trying to find a little meaning among the madness. (July 10)

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