Current Trends in the Barcelona Real Estate Market

Despite the economic crisis in Spain which has had a strong impact on the real estate market for the past decade, there is currently a surprising resurgence in the sector. As a matter of fact, Barcelona real estate is showing strong health. Although rent in the Spanish city has increased exponentially due to various factors, buying and selling luxury real estate Barcelona have been returned to growth.

Old Properties Are Still Popular in Barcelona

Any real estate agency Barcelona can confirm that old housing is the most in demand. It is largely due to the stoppage of a large number of new projects and the scarcity of orders for new housing. The supply is still insufficient to meet the demand. Hence, the upward trend in housing prices is remarkable. The real estate market in Barcelona is looking healthy and this is due to several factors. One of the main reasons to this advantageous trend is that investment alternatives which improve the outlook for the Barcelona real estate market are still rare. In general, prices are rising moderately and you can verify it in your real estate agency Barcelona.

Space, an Important Search Criterion in Barcelona

Space is a critical parameter when looking for a place to live. It is certainly one of the most essential factors, especially in the luxury real estate Barcelona sector. Apartments with three or more bedrooms are the most sought after; spacious living rooms, open-plan kitchens or separate kitchens, brightness, location or condition of the building are other important criteria when choosing a home. There is more demand than supply in the Barcelona real estate market and some of the most requested products, whether for their location or for other elements such as light, the condition of the property or the quality of the building are limited.

Many Foreigners Are Interested in Buying Houses in Barcelona

Barcelona has become a top tourist attraction, but also an ideal place to live. Beaches, pleasant weather, excellent services, multiculturalism, great infrastructure and modernity are all characteristics that the town reflects abroad. It arouses great interest among many expatriates who wish to settle in the long term. This trend particularly concerned the luxury real estate Barcelona. Foreigners often buy or rent their second homes. They are currently responsible for 65% of the purchase and sale of this type of property. All of these trends implies that having a real estate agency Barcelona is also a good investment.