Best interior design tips for small spaces that will transform your home!

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The general idea that many people have is that interior designing tips are for those having big spaces. If you don’t have a big space, you won’t have this interior design work for you. However much this might seem true, it is not. Furthermore, the Best Interior Design Company in India, Radvi, says that limited space needs interior designing more than any other. It believes that limited spaces lay a challenge before designers to make it all work efficiently. So, what are the things that you can do to shape small spaces towards grace?

It needs expertise and creativity to design small spaces. Because once Mark Twain had famously said “I didn’t have enough time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one.”

Best interior designing company tips for small spaces!

The bad thing about small spaces is that the space is small; the good thing about small spaces is that the space is small. What we mean is that small spaces indeed lay challenges before, but it brings out the best of a person. Even the best Interior Design Company in India, Radvi says, face more challenges while designing small spaces than they do while doing big ones.

There are a few things that can turn a small space out greatly at the end. For example, the use of mirrors to make the space look large. It all works through few elements that you need to work on while designing the space says . These elements are what all the designers consider to be their holy grail.

  • Color
  • Line
  • Light
  • Space
  • Shape
  • Pattern
  • Texture

These things when harmonize with each other, you get the desired end result.

But it is easier to advise than to work around it on the ground. Every space requires specific adjustments and thus we may anyhow speak to you, it would be your creativity at last that will work.

Here are the tips to design small spaces.

Use mirror to make it look large!

Mirrors create an illusion before the brain. When placed rightly, the image reflected over it will make you feel that there is a huge space beyond instead of a wall. For example, you may install big mirrors at the end of a large room and it will reflect back that same room, making you think that you have double space. Furthermore, you can angle the mirror towards an open space or large window. This way it will be able to reflect the open surroundings to you. Every best interior design company in India, Radvi says, makes use of mirrors to add space and beauty in the home.

And he said, “let there be light”!

Light has the ability to make you feel large or shallow. You choose the right light and your space will seem like some divine palace; choose the wrong one and you’ll find it hard breathing. For a smaller space, the general suggestion is to use bright cool lights. Furthermore, you will want to make use of natural light as much as possible. Best interior design companies make use of natural light to wash the home with divinity. Have a look at how interior design companies work – Use of roof light or skylight is generally suggested for angled ceilings or dormers. They infuse the home with a feeling of freedom.

Choose the right color!

Dark and low-key colours are generally not recommended for small spaces. They create a sense of confinement and thus the space feels even smaller. Go for light-key pastel colours and neutral colours. It will add an illusion of more space towards the horizon. For example, using dark red colour will create in you a sense of suffocation. Whereas, using pastel off-whites will add space to your eyes.

Choose a smooth texture!

You might be thinking what texture has to do with space after all. Well, it has! The kind of texture used gradually infuses in us a sense of the environment. Having rough-textured upholstery will push your mind to believe that the room is small, that you are in a bush. Whereas, using smooth textured upholstery or wall will make it believe that large plain land lies before.

Furthermore, do not use skirts on your chairs or sofa sets. It will block your eyes from looking behind. Let the legs of chairs and other furniture allow your eyes to look through them.

Do not use visible patterns!

Visible patterns trap the eyes in a circuitry and thus bound it from looking anywhere. Visible patterns, thus, are generally advised to be avoided in small spaces. If you are using patterns, make sure that the use is limited and the patterns are not clearly visible. Any expert interior design company in India will advise you about it.

Do not use large furniture!

Yes! You might think that using large furniture in small spaces creates a sense of grandiosity. But it is otherwise – large furniture makes a small room even smaller. If you have less space, try to use small furniture in limited amounts. Use furniture that could be used for multiple purposes. For example, you might want to go for sofa-cum-bed. This way you’ll have extra space saved that could have been occupied by a couch.

Use vertical space!

If you have less space horizontally, make use of the vertical area. Use elongated lines on the doors and windows instead of horizontal lines. Use long doors instead of short. Furthermore, you’d want to go a little above the height of an average ceiling, which is 8-10 feet. Dormers are a great way to add space to the top floor. This way you’d also be able to use skylight and provide more space to your limited area.

Use half walls!

Instead of using full walls between two areas, use half walls. What we mean is that you need to think about two spaces that can harmonize with each other. For example, a dining area and a reading area can be mixed together by using half-sized walls between them. You will fill the rest of the area with glass. This will provide you visual liberty to look through and thus the extra space.

Try to have minimalist architecture!

Minimalism is taking rise considering the need of the present world. There is less space in the world and more people. This gave space to the idea of minimalism. What minimalism does is to promote functionality over aestheticism. If a thing is not serving a functional purpose, it is not allowed to be a part of the room.

Minimalist architecture is not just about space. It has a spiritual impact on the overall personality. It calms the mind that is always on the seeking of more and more and more beyond. Many luxury homes are hiring the best Interior Design Company in India, Radvi says, to shape their home with minimalist architecture. Try to introduce minimalism in your life and you’ll see a state of calm entering your home.

These are all the different things that one can do to add space to a limited area. Doing these things ensure that you make greater use of your space and thus do not feel confined by the limitations put before. If you still have doubts about how you can interior design your limited space, we suggest you to consult some designing experts like . Try to consult these experts and see how they shape things around.