Back Link Building Service: Why Links Are Important

These days all website owners know that if they want to get traffic to their site they have to build links to it. What is not clear to many site owners is just why they have to do this or how they should be doing it. Once you understand how the search engines rank sites it will become pretty obvious why you need to build links.

The reason that links are important to your website is that they are how the search engines assess the quality of your website. The search engines want to be able to provide their users with the most relevant and best quality sites for any service. The problem is in actually being able to do this. In order to determine which sites should be ranked where they have to rely on a computer algorithm, unfortunately the computer cannot determine the quality of a site.

Since the computer has no way of ranking sites based on quality another solution had to be found, that solution was to look at the links that a site had. The logic is that the sites that have a lot of links pointing at them are probably the best sites since people are more likely to link to good sites than to bad ones. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for webmasters to realize that they could rig the results by building links to their own sites. This is why building links is so important if you want to get traffic to your site.

Because of the fact that everybody was building links to their own sites the search engines have changed the algorithm that they use. Nowadays the total number of links is far less important than where the links come from. The search engines are well aware that people will build links and although it creates a problem for them it is now an accepted part of online marketing. As a result they have come up with a compromise, basically the links that are harder to get are more valuable.

Links that can be easily obtained like the ones that you get from blog comments or forums are now pretty much worthless. The links that you need to get are the ones that are in the text of a relevant website. This has made link building a lot more difficult than it it used to be and has greatly reduced the manipulation of the search results. That being said it is still important that you build links to your site, you just have to make sure that you are building the right ones. This is why a back link building service is a good idea, they will be able to get the quality links that you need.

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