Are You Prepared For Your Project’s Wastewater?

When you’re working on site, you have a lot to balance. Not only does your crew need to stay on project, you need to make sure you’re complying with any local regulations, environmental concerns, and conditions of access to the land you’re on. If your business takes you onto public property with resource extraction contracts, these concerns are even greater. Whether you’re operating on a site you own or leasing access to land, you’re going to need to be ready to deal with each of those obstacles. Luckily, industrial wastewater treatment is easier than ever, with portable treatment units you can bring to your project so you remain in compliance with everyone’s expectations for your operation.

Dewatering Services

If you’re concerned about the process of treating your wastewater or dewatering areas you need to work in, there is an option that takes it out of your hands. You can always take a step beyond just leasing equipment and hire a service provider. This does come with some obligations to oversee the operation, but oversight is usually a simpler process than having to design and implement your own treatment protocols. You’ll need to make sure you understand the tolerances you’re working with for each class of contaminant to know whether or not your contractor is in compliance, after all. There’s also recycling and reclamation to consider.

Reclaim Materials

Proper water treatment does more than just protect the environment, it can also be a way to reclaim spent materials that could be recycled into another useful form. Often, processes that create sludge leave rare elements in it, and proper dewatering is the first step toward getting access to those elements so they can be put to use in other operations. The most efficient way to get value from this reclamation tends to be selling it to a recycling expert who can extract and refine it, but sometimes you can find a use for it in your operation. Either way, it’s something your company should be exploring.