All You Need to Know about Bloom Holding

Bloom Holding Launches 'Bloom Living' – an all-inclusive community of the  future in Abu Dhabi -

Have you ever heard about Bloom Holding? If you reside in UAE, chances are you already may have availed of one of their services. Bloom Holding is one of the prominent real estate developers in the UAE offering premium residential units, including villas and apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi.

It also focuses on developing premium real estate. Their core aim is to meet the aspirations of modern urban communities and enhance their quality of life through excellence in operating and managing schools, communities, and hotels. Read on to know everything about Bloom Holding.

A Quick Overview of Bloom Holding

Bloom Holding is a leading company dedicated to developing sustainable and modern communities in the UAE. They mainly focus on four segments, which include education, real estate, hospitality, and services. The vision of the company is to enrich the lives of people through their top-notch solutions. The mission of Bloom Holding is to design integrated and inclusive communities that help in creating connections and building belongingness. They aim to provide people with environments where they and their businesses can thrive and flourish.

Now that you have a clear picture of Bloom Holding, you must get an idea of what they do. Let’s dive deeper and understand the working of the company.

  • Bloom Properties

Bloom Holding has successfully earned a reputation as a notable developer of sustainable communities in desirable locations in the UAE. If you are looking for reliability and quality in real estate development, Bloom Properties is the name you can count on. They specialize in developing commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects. The top locations where they cater their services include Jumeirah Village Circle, Bloom Gardens, Saadiyat Island, and Bloom Marina. The company anticipates the needs of the market and accordingly develops modern communities.

  • Bloom Education

Bloom Education focuses on providing future generations with the chance to achieve their maximum potential. They operate globally recognized nurseries and schools in the UAE. The core aim is to bring physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development opportunities for the children. They focus on creating a fun and positive environment for children to facilitate optimum development. They have partnered with reputed educational institutes like Brighton College to deliver exceptional learning experiences to children.

  • Bloom Hospitality

Bloom Hospitality aims to provide the ultimate relaxation and lifestyle destinations to the people in the UAE. The company has successfully partnered with some of the best operators in the hospitality sector to deliver lavish experiences to people. Modern and custom services, premium amenities, and entertainment venues are a few aspects that Bloom can provide you with. 

  • Bloomscape

Bloom Holding also offers a wide range of landscaping services. They provide end-to-end landscaping services to both international and local clients. They are equipped with all the essential tools and technologies to handle landscaping projects of different scales and complexity. The core aim is to make the property of the clients stand out through unique landscaping services.


Since its inception, Bloom Holding has been evolving and expanding at a steady pace. With a strong leadership team, they have continually delivered services to enhance the quality of life of people. They are all set to enrich the lives of people in the UAE. So, why wait? Avail of the services of Bloom Holding right away!

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