Advantages And Disadvantages Of Doormen

Oftentimes, a doorman is one of the great things about certain apartment buildings. Nonetheless, these places often cost more in rent than those without doormen. You may find it a hard decision to work out whether it is actually value for money in the end. One of the key bonuses of having a doorman is that it is convenient. A doorman can sign for deliveries it you are not home, pass on any communication, and phone for a taxi if you want one.

Another advantage many people mention is that they are another level of security for you, as they will not let just anyone into the building. Also, because they become aware of your movements, they are likely to notice if something is amiss and could pass that information on if necessary. They become quite attuned to the vibe of the building and will sense if something is wrong. This kind of security is especially comforting for those who live on their own or are older.

Another advantage is that apartments with doorman will sell a lot quicker than those without. Also, you are likely to get more money for a place with a doorman. But this doesn’t come without its own obvious cost, which you will be aware of. It is almost a perfect rule that places with doormen cost more, both to buy and to rent.

There are some people out there who think that doormen constitute a nosey nuisance. Where some people derive a sense of calm and wellbeing from them knowing their schedule, others find this is too intimate.

Basically, the decision to have a doorman is based on what you want. Although they will give the building a sense of protection, they cost more and will know details about your life.

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